As director of technology and information systems at The School Board of Marion County, FL (SBMC), Scott Hansen has a vested interest in creating simple and efficient access for students, staff, and parents. Part of that duty is ensuring SBMC staff has access to the just-in-time knowledge and in-depth information they need to master their roles.
Hansen led the customization of the Skyward Professional Development Center (PDC) project, putting him at the forefront of a whole new approach to PD. The PDC helps SBMC staff stay up to speed on the product and achieve new levels of proficiency.
Hansen continually communicates the value of Skyward to fellow district leaders to ensure they are capitalizing on all the value that Skyward has to offer. Skyward has helped eliminate 11 third-party enterprise applications being used across the school district.
“Scott’s leadership is a direct reflection of his commitment to providing the students in his district with the best technology programs possible,” said Ray Ackerlund, chief marketing officer at Skyward.

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