For the past six years, Scott Anthony has been responsible for using Skyward and enterprise solutions to efficiently integrate and improve multiple aspects of instruction and business for Consolidated High School District 230. When changes to Skyward need to be made within the district, Scott takes the lead in delegating these responsibilities to district staff.

Under Scott’s leadership, Skyward has become the “glue” of day-to-day operations. District 230 uses Skyward in creative ways, such as managing their Advisory Period 2, which is devoted to social-emotional learning. The district also uses Skyward to help organize its Relay for Life event registration. Student and Family Access have made an extraordinary impact on learning: 94% of parents log in more than once per year (over half log in more than 20 times), and over 1.1 million emails were generated to parents and students in the past year. To put this in perspective, the district enrollment stands at just over 7,500 students—that's about 146 emails per student last year!

A team-oriented leader, Scott inspires infectious success within the district and beyond—even taking part in site visits to help other districts replicate processes and implement a better experience. Scott serves as a board member of the Illinois Steering Committee and organizes annual regional Skyward review sessions. He is also on the Illinois SkyCon Conference committee and has presented at SkyCon and iCon. His leadership has influenced the district’s many awards and frequent media recognition for being among the most rigorous high schools in the nation.

"Scott is a collaborative and approachable leader who is being recognized for his knowledge amongst colleagues,” says John Connolly, chief technology officer. “His willingness to help out other districts and network has been contagious.”

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