A recent recipient of a doctorate of education in the field of instructional technology from Northern Illinois University, R.J. Gravel can’t be slowed down.  In addition to serving as director of instructional technology at Johnsburg School District 12 in Illinois, Dr. Gravel holds leadership positions for curriculum and technology councils across the country, serves on a commission for the State of Illinois supporting the development of state data reporting requirements, and has been asked to present at a number of conferences, including Illinois Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Conference on Learning, Illinois Educational Technology Conference and SMART Technologies Administrative Leadership Summit in Calgary, Canada.
At Johnsburg School District, Dr. Gravel continuously seeks to develop a better understanding of how Skyward can support instructional and operational activities. In partnership with Skyward, Johnsburg has transitioned from hard copy files to electronic student records, re-prioritized office support personnel responsibilities by collecting parent and student information electronically, and streamlined human resources tasks.
Almost fully transitioned to electronic student records, Johnsburg is one of the few districts that has committed to scanning all existing files. Beginning its data warehouse effort, the school is eliminating the need to "maintain" paper copies that sat in cabinets. This transition has provided the ability for parents to review their student's entire record from any online device twenty-four hours a day, seven day a week, ensuring they have access to their child’s academic information whenever necessary to stay informed.
As an active beta tester for Skyward, Dr. Gravel takes great pride in the development of products to meet the practical needs of districts. Dr. Gravel also shares instructional and marketing materials with neighboring districts, and invites visitors into Johnsburg on a monthly basis. 
“We are always happy to advocate how tools can support instruction,” said Dr. Gravel. “Skyward is truly a partner in the educational management and support of our organization.” 

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