Michael Heaps has played the role of facilitator and manager since Jordan School District’s first day of implementing Skyward’s student and financial systems. He has held positions on various committees over the years. His biggest success, however, has not come from his roles on these committees, but rather from the personal approach he takes to help every administrator, principal, secretary, teacher, and employee achieve their goals and be successful using the Skyward system.
Heaps is fearless in his approach for using Skyward to tackle any problem, suggestion, or need that arises. He thinks creatively and has been very successful in manipulating fields in the program to achieve his goals. He has suggested changes and enhancements to the system, which have been implemented and proven successful within Jordan School District and others across the nation. Heaps is also successful in his efforts to integrate Skyward with other systems such as eFunds, Follet and Edulog.
Heaps leads a team of 12 staff members and has taught all of them to be as fearless in the system as he is himself. He has molded his staff to be thinkers, problem solvers, analyzers, and experts in the Skyward system. Heaps has developed great relationships and a respect for the people as well as the product. His ability to analyze problems and implement solutions has made district staff more successful in using Skyward.         
“His expertise, knowledge and fearless approach to his job has not only helped Jordan School District succeed, but also other school districts within the state of Utah,” said Michelle Smolik, support services supervisor at Jordan School District. “I honestly believe that he can make Skyward work for just about any need or situation, and he has been a dedicated champion of the product.”

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