Throughout Parkview School District’s migration from SMS 2.0 to Qmlativ, no one was more instrumental than Jennifer Bowers, the director of curriculum and instruction.

Jennifer was the driving force behind the clean-up of SMS 2.0 data and the rollover to Qmlativ. She supervised the staff responsible for the clean-up and provided regular support and updates to the district administrator, building principals, and administrative assistants. Every transition this big will have its bumps in the road, and Jennifer played a major role in smoothing them over by collaborating with the Skyward team and third-party providers.

Throughout the migration, Jennifer’s dedication and leadership never wavered. She invested more than 50 hours in live webinars with Skyward trainers and an equal amount of time educating herself in the Knowledge Hub. She developed various learning plans for staff members to help them in their areas of responsibility. She continues to invest time and energy into implementing Qmlativ features so teachers and staff can dedicate more time to educating students.

Beyond the migration, Jennifer also directly impacts what goes on inside the classroom. She supported the set-up of standards-based report cards in the district’s elementary school and rebuilt the grading system in the high school. She also established connections with third-party vendors to deliver digital resources to students and disaggregate assessment data, which directly impacts instructional decisions.

Jennifer received the eduCLIMBER Power User Award in 2019.

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