Even though accounting manager Jackie Schreiber has only been at Marshfield School District for a few years, she’s already made a huge impact.

Her previous experience with Skyward prepared Jackie to jump straight into improving the district’s financial workflows. She helped the team keep better track of data and improved processes for cataloguing information about vendors and other business operations. For example, rather than continuing her district’s use of Google checkbooks to keep tabs on the budget and spending, she helped staff take advantage of Skyward, where they could keep all the information in one place. Her current project? Improving distribution to teachers and staff so it’s easier to understand how much money each teacher can spend in their classroom. Jackie is always looking to learn more about Skyward and further streamline her district’s processes.

But perhaps what sets Jackie apart even more than her Skyward expertise is her willingness to be a resource for others. She has directly increased the accounting fluency of other staff members. To assist them, she created how-to training modules on using financial management tools for purchasing and daily financial management activities. She goes out of her way to answer questions, always explaining processes in detail. She also instills her own philosophy in others, encouraging them to find new ways to use Skyward.

In addition to her role at the district, Jackie previously served as the president of Skyward’s Wisconsin steering committee.

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