Just three short years ago, no one at Alpine School District would have dreamed that 56 of the district’s 58 elementary schools would be using standards-based grading. Much of the credit for this quick and successful transition goes to Georgia Omer. Georgia not only painted the vision of what standards-based grading could bring, but also learned Skyward’s standards-based gradebook inside and out and has been the go-to person guiding the transition.

Each year in the district’s Skyward update trainings, Georgia helps Alpine’s teachers dive deeper into the Skyward gradebook. Georgia learned the office and Educator Access sides of Skyward as well, which has provided a more complete view of the process. During slow periods, she can often be found at one of the district’s 84 schools, sharing her SBG knowledge and unparalleled enthusiasm with administrators, secretaries, and staff. Georgia even teamed up with Skyward to help improve the standards-based gradebook, offering the valued perspective of a teacher.

Georgia has also played an important role for Alpine’s implementation of Skyward and helped shape the way decisions are made at the district. In addition, she was a key force in Alpine elementary schools’ summer master scheduling and class rostering through Skyward.

Georgia has presented at iCon and at Utah’s user group conferences. She was also recognized as a Teacher of the Year.

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