Diane Austin is “the modern woman unrecognized for her generation.” As the business and employee services personnel specialist, she was instrumental in transitioning Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District to Skyward. Since then, she has supported her district in many ways: using Skyward to build efficient workflow processes, meeting with employees to teach them to use Skyward, building tutorials, and much more. In addition, she always goes the extra mile to ensure her district is ahead of the curve when it comes to new state and federal policies. 
One major project Diane undertook was uncovering the many facets of Skyward’s Task Manager and teaching her district’s staff how to use it. When she dug into the scope of its possibilities, districts across the state of Wisconsin—and even Skyward—called to inquire about her usage. 
Diane is a valuable resource for her state, taking many calls and serving on the Wisconsin Steering Committee. She has also presented at state and national conferences to share her Skyward knowledge. 
Diane is a remarkable leader in every sense, but perhaps none more than the way she leads by example. Take it from her coworkers: “Diane is my personal standard of how to treat people.” “Diane is always willing to do more for anyone. Whatever comes her way, she finds a way to help, and she is an amazing listener.”

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