In Char Schoonover’s 30+ years at Clinton Community School District, there almost isn’t a position in the office she hasn’t held. Growing from a middle school attendance secretary to a registrar and Skyward specialist, she has been a part of almost every district initiative involving Skyward. Perhaps an even bigger accomplishment, Char is one of the most respected people in the district and is seen as a “mother hen” to the teachers, parents, and students who stop by the district office just to chat with her. 
Throughout her long tenure, Char has accomplished many things with the Skyward system that make her more than worthy of the Leader in Excellence Award. One example was creating a fully functional standards-based grading mix with traditional grading so that the district’s high school could slowly transition between the two systems. 
Char also works hard to ensure all staff members, especially new ones, feel confident using Skyward. Between cross-training staff, creating user-friendly tutorials, jumping on the phone to explain how processes are done, and more, Char is happy to be there for anyone who needs help with Skyward in the district. 
Char is also a strong advocate for Skyward and is the first to help administrators understand why it’s the best system for their district. To keep their system refreshed, Char also seeks out new Skyward functions and pitches them to the district administrative team. Once given the green light, she researches the setup and different utilization models. 
Atop of being an LIE winner, Char has been honored as Staff Member of the Month at Clinton Community School District.

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