Amy is a software specialist at Sullivan County School District, where she oversaw the initial implementation of Skyward. Having put in countless hours studying the software, she is now the “go-to” for all things Skyward. She trains the staff and leads various learning opportunities. She creates video tutorials and sends out emails teaching staff how to accomplish their tasks more efficiently—and while the content of these messages varies, the accessible and digestible level of her instruction is a constant. Amy is a steadfast support resource for her district, always assisting others with patience and working hard to resolve issues. Her work ethic doesn’t expire even when she leaves the schoolgrounds; Amy sometimes spends her personal time reviewing ways the district can take better advantage of its Skyward solution.

While Amy has achieved so much for her district—including single-handedly setting up Skyward payroll, HR, and inventory—perhaps one of her most impactful contributions was the implementation of Insurance Tracking to simplify employee benefits. Despite it being outside the realm of her job responsibilities, Amy took it upon herself to employ Skyward to greatly simplify the process.

Amy’s hard work and expertise do not go unappreciated. As Ingrid Deloach, business manager at Sullivan County SD, stated, “Amy Grizzel is a critical asset to not only the technology department but to every department within the Sullivan County School District. She has very high expectations for herself, and she constantly works to help others do the same.”

Amy has received the Sullivan County Pinnacle Award, given to employees who go above and beyond to benefit the district’s employees, students, and families.

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