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New from Skyward and GreyEd Technologies: Assess the health of your SIS and ERP systems.

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Administrative software touches every aspect of daily operations. An effective SIS and ERP sytem built for interoperability significantly improves student achievement, reduces daily operating costs, and positively impacts your school district. Now, you can use data to ensure your system and process are running smoothly and chart a course for further improvement.

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Use actual metrics to make confident decisions and reduce costs.

Data from DistrictCheck helps you better understand the effectiveness of existing software, so you'll know where improvement is needed and what's going well already. An anonymous, adaptive assessment gathers feedback based on roles, experiences, and perceptions in six key areas:
System & processes
System & processes
Data management
Data management
Teaching & learning (SIS only)
Teaching &
learning (SIS only)



An intuitive dashboard converts complex data to actionable insight.

Use DistrictCheck to quickly identify a baseline for measuring progress over time. Data is gathered from current users, helping to identify trends, fill gaps in communication, and shape professional development.

See an executive summary of on-demand, real-time reports of how your systems are working. Filter by roles, campuses, elements, and subject areas to drill into the data and create custom reports.

Your dashboard includes:

Graphics at a glance
Summary reports for key areas of concern
District overviews by location and level
Key results grouped by role
Strengths and areas for improvement

This 10,000-foot view is just the beginning of data-driven tech decisions. We'll walk you through the data to help identify your next steps.

Sample reports

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Individuals experience technology differently based on their roles, and by quantifying that, DistrictCheck pinpoints the strengths and opportunities for growth that make up your SIS and ERP systems.

- Ray Ackerlund, president of Skyward



Analyzing your district's systems and processes just got easier.

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