6 Popular Business Suite Widgets and Tiles 6 Popular Business Suite Widgets and Tiles

6 Popular Business Suite Widgets and Tiles

Dylan Luer Dylan Luer Product Specialist
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You’ve survived back to school and settled into a new year—time to jump-start productivity. Here are the most popular widgets for taking that next step toward an efficient Skyward dashboard. 


SMS 2.0  

1. The employee locator 

This widget comes in handy for anyone who works as part of a team, especially people with direct reports. The widget works by searching the employee locator using a name (or parts of a name) and displays the results on the dashboard. Users can pin favorite people to the employee locator widget to see their True Time status and contact information.

ee locator  

2. Skyport: Force widget 

No, it’s not another attempt at a Star Wars parody—use the force widget suggestion button on the right side of District Widget Selection in Skyport to roll out a mass suggestion to your team. Any user without the widget on their dashboard will see a prompt to select the widget (they can still choose to ignore it). An example would be a new implementation of True Time in a district. Reminding users to install the True Time-related widgets onto their dashboard would aid in the implementation process. 

force widget

3. My employees’ time off 

One of the more visually appealing options to choose, this widget displays days on which time-off requests occur within a user’s team. Each day displays a count of how many employees will be gone. When additional requests roll in, administrators can see, at a glance, how many substitutes may be required and whether it might be necessary to negotiate time off alternatives. 

time off


A note about the Qmlativ dashboard 

Each tile or chart created on the Qmlativ dashboard is unique. The dashboard offers unlimited space for a variety of needs. Along with the flashy color options, the charts available can be tailored to users’ needs, preferences, and utility. Compare the versions of this chart after tweaking a simple setting adjustment.

chart edit 

Here are a few popular DIY options: 


4. Available funds 

On the finance front, this popular chart tile keeps users’ funds balance front and center. Create this tile by choosing account list from the current fiscal year. Add a dimension code searching by fund (hint: change the name of this column to “fund” to save time in the future!). Filter the list to expense account only, eliminating other types of accounts. Then add the chart to your dashboard using the More option in the upper right. Customize your chart to show a sum of available funds sorted by fund. 

available funds

5. Vacancies by campus or building 

Calculate open FTE by displaying positions at each building. Produce a chart comprised of a count of positions by FTE group, charted by building, to see any gaps needing to be filled.

FTE vacancies

6. Live tiles 

Live tiles are one of the most exciting developments in Qmlativ, bringing important indicators directly onto the dashboard. The options for adding tiles are endless, but here are some favorite live tiles users have created, listed by role.

instant tiles

Human resources
  • Time off approval: Great for anyone who has direct reports, this tile shows time-off requests awaiting approval. Employees will appreciate a prompt approval (or denial) prior to getting their own plans in order. 
  • Unverified payroll transactions: This tile notifies payroll processors of changes pending from HR updates, meaning if the district splits these duties, payroll will get a heads-up of any changes before processing is complete. 
  • New hire count: See new hires within a date range without having to adjust the dates of your filter—the tile shows data based on a preset relative range.
  • Open enrollment approvals: Cut through the chaos of open enrollment season. Because all the data on your dashboard tiles is live, there’s no waiting for a refresh to see the accurate queue of approvals. 
  • Teacher count/sub count: Arguably one of the more volatile employee counts, see active teacher and substitute teacher numbers to know where to add personnel. 

  • Near-due invoices: Pay what you need to when you need to—and keep a reminder on your dashboard. 
  • Purchase order approvals: Eliminate the bottleneck of approvals to keep requisitions moving smoothly. 
  • Negative accounts: Keep a close eye on balances and know when to send reminders. 


System administration
  • Users locked out: A quick, easy shortcut to help users get back into their accounts before frustration sets in—not all heroes wear capes.  

That's it for now. Maximize your efficiency and work smarter in Skyward with these helpful widgets! 


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Dylan Luer Dylan Luer Product Specialist

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