Skyward Updates – Summer 2019 Skyward Updates – Summer 2019

Skyward Updates – Summer 2019

Kevin Duda Kevin Duda Director of Product Strategy
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The Skyward Updates series offers a snapshot of the key features we’ve recently released and how they'll help you work smarter, not harder. Use the links below to jump to the section that interests you most.

SMS 2.0 Business

Mass Import Dispose Fixed Assets Utility

At the end of the fiscal year, you may have a lengthy list of assets to securely dispose of. This year, complete the disposal process in record time! With the new Mass Import Dispose Fixed Assets utility, you can dispose of your assets in one mass process. You can also import assets to inactivate them, create a disposal record, and terminate the depreciation process. 
sms bus1

W2 Delivery Default Rollover

One of the highest voted requests from our Product Ideas Portal is here! It’s great when employees opt to receive their W2s electronically—it’s convenient for them and saves office staff time and money. Now, when employees make this selection, the system will remember their choice from year to year until they go into Employee Access and change it. However, if your district chooses, you can still prompt employees to make the decision each year. 

Direct Deposit Change Notifications

It’s no secret we face more security threats today than ever before. We developed a new feature to help combat such attacks. Some attackers will impersonate employees and request to change their direct deposit information. That’s why we created email notifications, so employees can find out the second their direct deposit information changes; these emails will be similar to the verification emails you get when you change a password or log in on a new device for the first time. In order to start receiving these alerts, they must be enabled and configured by your district.
sms bus2


SMS 2.0 Student

Posting Grades Early 

Looking to post grades early for seniors, but don’t want those entries to be modified later? You can now post grades for students and lock them, so posting processes and gradebooks do not overwrite them. The Do Not Allow Gradebook to Overwrite Grades option can be found on the class grade record, and the Posting Utility can now be set to this option.  

Attachments in Family Notes

We love to save you time and that’s what this enhancement is all about! You can now add attachments, like proof of residency, to Family Notes, which will then be displayed for every child in that family. No more adding attachments multiple times for each student in the family. One attachment and you’re done.✅
student one

Social Security Configurations

It’s never been more important to protect student data. Now you can take an extra security step to ensure personal information is not available for staff members who shouldn’t have access to it. We’ve added a new option to the configuration screen, which allows you to hide inactive students’ social security numbers (Product Setup > Student Management > Configuration). 
student two


Qmlativ Business

Payroll Encumbrances

The Payroll Encumbrance feature can help you predict expected costs for the year. After each payroll, calculate employees’ expected salary and benefit costs for the remainder of the year to get an accurate picture of what lies ahead. Then you can compare this number to your budget to make sure you’re on track.

Position Distribution Dates

Wish you could define positions in Skyward the same way you define them in real life, and track those changes over time? Now you can! Define positions for a given date range, then track their evolution as you update definitions down the road.
position image

Quick Filter 

Use Quick Filters to become more efficient. With the Quick Filter feature, you can create filters in multiple columns on any list screen in the system. Then you can apply all these filters at one time, rather than filtering each column individually. It’s a quicker way to pinpoint the data you’re looking for.

Qmlativ Student

Mobile Update: Student Profile in Administrative Access

The Student Information Modal gives administrative users quick, secure access to student data from a mobile device. The interface has been redesigned to be even more user-friendly. 
student three
Adding a referral is easy to use on mobile. There’s no longer a need to relocate to a desktop computer to enter a quick discipline referral.
student four
Teachers don’t have to be stuck behind their computers during parent-teacher conferences. The mobile app gives teachers access to view grades and attendance for reference when discussing with parents.

Scheduling Board 

The Scheduling Board gives administrators a visual representation of the school’s master schedule. This new tool will make it easier to determine in which periods of the day classes fit best. You can use the Scheduling Board to move classes from period to period without having to jump back and forth from the course master to make updates. 

Grouping Students in the Gradebook

Teachers can now break students down into groups within classes. Once these groups are established within each gradebook, teachers can create assignments specific to each group. Students can remain in the same groups throughout the duration of the class, or teachers can move them around as different groups work together on projects and assignments. It’s also possible for students to be in multiple groups at once. 
student five

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features. Please share these notes with colleagues who might benefit from them. 

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Kevin Duda Kevin Duda Director of Product Strategy

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