Sarah Paul Sarah Paul Product Specialist Manager — Student Suite
Sarah brings a unique perspective as a former school district SIS manager (extraordinaire). She has been in your shoes and she understands the practical application of Skyward features and functions better than just about anyone.

Sarah Paul

Skyward Insider Recent Articles by Sarah

Teachers: Tips for Refreshing Your Gradebook
What’s the best way for teachers to refresh their gradebooks? Here are a few tips for both administrators and teachers to consider. by Sarah Paul
Pre-Year-End Planning in the Student Management Suite
Get a jump start on planning your year-end process in Skyward. Follow step-by-step checklists to ensure a smooth transition between your current... by Sarah Paul
Tracking Student Medications: A How-To Guide
For some kids, getting the right medications at school is vital to their health and wellbeing. How can you use Skyward to make sure nothing is left... by Sarah Paul
Refresh Your Gradebook for a New Year
What’s the best way for teachers to refresh their gradebooks in preparation for a new year? Here are a few tips for both administrators and... by Sarah Paul
Post-Year-End Processing in the Student Management Suite
School may be out for summer soon, but IT administrators stay busy as ever. Wrap up your previous year and look forward, preparing for the first... by Sarah Paul
Schedule Considerations for a New Semester
Head into the new semester well-prepared for scheduling snafus. Here’s your mid-year scheduling round-up. by Sarah Paul
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AK12 logo Recent Articles by Sarah

Guest Post: Records Retention 101
To keep or to purge student records? It's crucial to learn and practice your state's guidelines. Learn how one data manager practiced smart... by Sarah Paul
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