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Ray oversees the rare combination of sales, marketing, and product management for Skyward. His role keeps him in constant contact with educational leaders and emerging trends. He has driven many of our recent efforts to deliver a better experience at every touchpoint. 

Ray Ackerlund

Skyward Insider Recent Articles by Ray

The School Marketing Plan
Create a plan to help your district stand out as a destination for families and high-performing candidates. by Ray Ackerlund
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AK12 logo Recent Articles by Ray

Defined Autonomy: A Proven Approach to EdLeadership
Are school district administrators an undervalued source of leadership or a bureaucratic roadblock on the way to progress? According to one study... by Ray Ackerlund
Improve Community Outreach over the Summer in 4 Easy Steps
As competition for enrollment increases, community relations continue to be a key component of successful school districts. The summer months offer... by Ray Ackerlund
Protecting Student Data
The protection of student data received a welcome boost in awareness thanks to recent remarks from President Obama coinciding with his proposal of... by Ray Ackerlund
3 Ways to Improve Community Relations in Your District
School districts and their communities are too often at odds with each other despite the shared goal of helping students achieve success. Here are... by Ray Ackerlund
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TechCHAT: Ray Ackerlund
Source: Education World
Addressing School Management Software and Student Data
Source: Wisconsin Association of School Boards

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