Matt Zdroik Matt Zdroik Product Specialist — Business Suite
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Matt's background in product management and presentations enables him to view Skyward products through a wide-angle lens. Topics of interest include budgeting, financial controls, and workflow efficiencies.  

Matt Zdroik

Skyward Insider Recent Articles by Matt

Benefits Open Enrollment with Insurance Tracking
Remove paperwork from your benefits open enrollment process. See how insurance tracking saves employees and administrators time during this busy... by Matt Zdroik
Prepare Your Summer Payrolls
Those summer nights are getting closer and closer… Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about teacher payrolls over summer? Find... by Matt Zdroik
Oh, the Places You'll Go with Skyward's Mobile Business Suite
If you’re striving for workplace agility and modernization, it’s time to go mobile with Skyward! Let’s take a look at what you... by Matt Zdroik
4 Skyward Tools to Make Budgeting Easier
If you had access to tools that could make your budgeting process easier, you’d want to know about them, right? Here’s a look at four... by Matt Zdroik
Prepare for Budgeting
To state the obvious, budgeting is no easy feat. Here are 6 steps you can use to craft a successful budget, and 2 Skyward tools that make the... by Matt Zdroik
Special Delivery: W-2s Made Easy
It’s time to make manual, mind-numbing W-2 distribution a thing of the past. Save time and money by giving your employees the option to... by Matt Zdroik
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AK12 logo Recent Articles by Matt

3 Proven Ways to Defeat Fraud
Imagine discovering that while you've been agonizing over pennies in the budget, hundreds or thousands of dollars were being inaccurately... by Matt Zdroik
3 Easy Ways for Your District to Go Green
As you ring in the New Year, look for ways to go green and save your district time and money. Get started by electronically distributing W-2s... by Matt Zdroik
Is Your Budgeting Process Overly Complicated?
As your budget begins to take shape for the upcoming fiscal year, take a moment to consider the process itself. Are you able to focus your time and... by Matt Zdroik
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