Leslie Strong Leslie Strong Director of Product Owners
Leslie is responsible for the alignment of our strategic vision with the finished product you see in front of you. Her team of product owners work diligently to translate user needs into tangible development projects, then see those projects through to completion and future iteration. Leslie's articles are typically focused on raising awareness of new Skyward updates and enhancements.

Leslie Strong

Skyward Insider Recent Articles by Leslie

Skyward Updates – Summer 2018
What new Skyward features await you in the coming school year? Let's take a look!  by Leslie Strong
Skyward Updates – Winter 2017
What’s new in Skyward as we say goodbye to 2017? Let’s take a look! by Leslie Strong
Breaking News: Push Notifications Are Here!
We’re excited to announce the release of a highly requested feature: push notifications in Skyward! by Leslie Strong
Skyward + Clever = Good for Kids
More educational apps are available than ever before, but complex and disparate systems make it hard to embrace the benefits. Enter Clever, Skyward... by Leslie Strong
Special Education Packets: A New Recipe for Success
Wouldn’t it be nice if filling out special education evaluations and IEP forms was as straightforward as following a recipe? This June, we... by Leslie Strong
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AK12 logo Recent Articles by Leslie

Get to the Heart of Disruptive Behavior
Even though most administrators and educators agree that behavioral issues impede learning, few are consistently recording and analyzing behavioral... by Leslie Strong
Where Have All the Subs Gone?
Schools around the country are facing a dire shortage of substitute teachers, and the causes are as diverse as the solutions. by Leslie Strong
3 Ways to Treat Chronic Absenteeism
Chronic absence plagues millions of students across the nation. Research has shown the detrimental effects these absences have on their futures... by Leslie Strong
Hand-Picked: Tips for Hiring
Ah, the hiring process... It can be time consuming, difficult, and inconvenient. But it’s also one of the most important elements of a... by Leslie Strong
Discipline continues to be a tenuous topic in education discussions. Some semblance of order has to be maintained, but at what cost? Are... by Leslie Strong
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