Leah Kruger Leah Kruger Product Line Manager — Student Management Suite
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Leah has the enviable task of figuring out where research & development, long-term projects, and customer enhancement requests all fit in our product roadmap. You can find her talking about a better SIS experience at iCon and most user groups.

Leah Kruger

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5 Ways to Personalize New Student Online Enrollment
Whether online enrollment is old hat or you're just going paperless, these 5 tips can help your district work smarter with Skyward New Student... by Leah Kruger
Skyward Student Suite Updates - Winter 2017
What’s new? We’re glad you asked! We have updates for Student Management Suite and Qmlativ users! Read on for SIS enhancements... by Leah Kruger
Address Validation: A Tool for Easier Online Enrollment
A smooth and stress-free enrollment process just became a lot more achievable. Introducing Address Validation, a new tool to help parents and staff... by Leah Kruger
Health Services in Skyward
Throughout the country, the staffing of health professionals in schools has reached critically low levels. With more students to cover and a larger... by Leah Kruger
Standards-Based Grading in Skyward
So, you want to bring standards-based grading to your high school? Read this primer for everything you need to help you get started.  by Leah Kruger
Spotlight On: Skyward's Student Safety Features
No matter what your school's mission statement says, it carries with it an underlying assumption that students will be provided with a safe and... by Leah Kruger
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AK12 logo Recent Articles by Leah

The Mobile Health Office
Are you thinking about breaking free from brick-and-mortar school health offices? Do budget concerns or a lack of nurses have you looking for... by Leah Kruger
Would Beethoven Shine in Your District?
Are you doing enough to keep your advanced students invested in their education? Gifted and talented supports are making a comeback, and the... by Leah Kruger
Standards-Based Grading: The New Benchmark
Have you considered how weighted averages can result in the inaccurate reporting of comprehension levels? Or how less-than-rigorous extra credit... by Leah Kruger
The Golden Minute: Reduce Dropout Rates in One Easy Step
Can spending one additional minute each week on parent-teacher communication really have a profound impact on student outcomes... by Leah Kruger
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