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Lauren enjoys visiting school districts and spreading the word about creative, non-traditional approaches to universal challenges. Follow her for on-the-scene reporting (with a little fun sprinkled in) and tips on how to enjoy a better Skyward experience. 

Lauren Gilchrist

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A Day in the Life: Data Management Coordinator
Data management coordinators turn ordinary numbers into state reports and decision-making tools. What’s a day like in this role? by Lauren Gilchrist
A Day in the Life: School Counselor
School counselors are modern-day superheroes. Watch a Day in the Life video and find out what it takes to tackle the demands of this role with... by Lauren Gilchrist
State & Federal Compliance Resources
With funding on the line, state & federal reporting is nothing to take lightly. Learn about resources that will... by Lauren Gilchrist
Once Upon An iCon: A Learning Story
Once upon an iCon, 323 educators traveled to iCon, the greatest international conference in the land. Find out what happened next! by Lauren Gilchrist
Setting Up A Tardy Kiosk
When your students show up late to school or class, it not only cuts into their own learning time; it also interrupts the work of office staff and... by Lauren Gilchrist
5 Tips for a Great User Group Experience
Step one is complete: You’ve signed up to attend a Skyward user group. But how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of this... by Lauren Gilchrist
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AK12 logo Recent Articles by Lauren

7 Things You Don’t Have to Print This Year
Which processes can you shift online to move closer to a paperless office? Here are 7 ideas to consider. by Lauren Gilchrist
Empowering Students with UX Classroom Design
Studies show classroom design affects student learning. Why get students involved in the process? And how? by Lauren Gilchrist
On the Road with Lauren: Can Kindergartners Learn to Code?
How do kids develop computational skills at the elementary level? We traveled to West Bend, WI, to find out from teachers who presented at ISTE. by Lauren Gilchrist
One-Page Pitch: Edubranding
The Advancing K12 One-Page Pitch Series is designed to help you lead from within. This month's pitch: Edubranding in the era of school choice! by Lauren Gilchrist
11 Districts Leading the Way in Video
These districts discovered the secrets (and value!) of producing awesome videos. Learn from their approach and pick up some tips and tricks to... by Lauren Gilchrist
The Data Security Starting Five
It takes a wide range of roles and skills working together to keep data safe. How does your district’s lineup compare to this security all... by Lauren Gilchrist
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