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John is a champion of risk-taking leaders and positive cultures, a sworn enemy of "the way we've always done it," and a destroyer of red tape. His goal is to dream up new ways to deliver a better experience to your (digital) doorstep.

John Jennings

Skyward Insider Recent Articles by John

2018 Mid-Year Qmlativ Update
It's been two years since the announcement of Qmlativ. What's been happening, and where do we stand today? by John Jennings
Project Qmlativ: Steps to Success
The transition to Qmlativ will be one of your most important technology undertakings in the next several years. Here are just a few of the... by John Jennings
Back-to-School Message for Parents
Stay involved. Stay informed. Make a difference. As a new school year dawns, this is our message to you. by John Jennings
Skyward Starter Kit for School PR Pros
It's everything your communications team needs to get the most out of your partnership with Skyward. by John Jennings
Introducing the Employee Access Toolkit
Is your staff getting the most out of Employee Access? We have something that might help... by John Jennings
An Early Look at Skyward’s 2017 Roadmap
In this article, we’ll review your options for converting to Qmlativ, reveal how our product development team will be handling the transition... by John Jennings
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AK12 logo Recent Articles by John

Parent Engagement: Beyond the Homework Helper
Which factors make parents into strong advocates? by John Jennings
Fact Check: 3 Examples of Data Gone Wrong
How far should you trust the data? About as far as you can throw it, if these examples are any indication. by John Jennings
EdTech Playbook: Moving to a New Student Information System
The move to a new SIS is one of the largest, most challenging projects faced by school technology leaders. Learn how to do it right in this five... by John Jennings
Let's Change the Integration Conversation
Is product x compatible with product y? More importantly, is that even the right question to ask anymore? by John Jennings
The 4 Stages of Filling Big Shoes
Few leadership challenges are more difficult than following in the footsteps of a local legend. Grab the torch and run with this four-step blueprint. by John Jennings
Micro-credentials: A One-Year Reflection
One year after the rollout of the Future-Ready Teachers badge group, we reflect on slow starts, implementation hurdles, and the state of micro... by John Jennings
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Changing of the Guard
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4 Ways to Win Millennials' Loyalty
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