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Erin spent sixteen+ years learning, then launched a professional career delving into the inner workings of practice, data, and edtech in K-12 schools. She is always looking to deliver more insights to help you work smarter every day.

Erin Werra

Skyward Insider Recent Articles by Erin

Free Resource Kits Make Using Skyward Easier
Share Family Access and Employee Access Toolkits with families and staff to make their lives easier.  by Erin Werra
How Teachers Empower Kids Through eLearning
Learning doesn’t stop. But it will be different, and that’s okay.  by Erin Werra
Marie Kondo Meets School Data
The life-changing magic of tidying up student records. by Erin Werra
What Are Top Ed Leaders Reading?
Join us at Advancing K12 for deep insight into leadership, technology, and culture. by Erin Werra
Introducing the Product Ideas Portal
Now there’s an even easier way to share the great ideas you have for software enhancements. by Erin Werra
Integrate Your Vending Machines with Skyward
Adding a vending machine for reimbursable meals is almost like adding an additional point of sale (POS) lunch line—hold the labor costs.  by Erin Werra
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AK12 logo Recent Articles by Erin

A Rural Internet Glossary
There are no simple answers for rural connectivity. For families looking for options, learning some baseline lingo can help guide the way.  by Erin Werra
Why EdTech Choices Matter So Much
Educators have had no choice but to lean hard on technology in 2020. What have we learned about edtech choices and their impact on a generation of... by Erin Werra
One-Page Pitch: Ditch Passwords and Use Passphrases
“Passphrase? Is that the same as a password?” Not quite! Find out why you should be using passphrases in this quick, shareable pitch... by Erin Werra
What K12 Leaders Can Learn from Movie Monsters
It was a dark and stormy school year…   by Erin Werra
Motivation vs. Determination (and How to Capture Both)
Learn the difference between them and how to master both, then strike the right balance to see professional (and student!) growth soar.   by Erin Werra
Tell Me Something Good
Just four words might turn the tide of school culture. by Erin Werra
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