An Ed-Fi Primer An Ed-Fi Primer

An Ed-Fi Primer

Ed-Fi Explainer

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Ed-Fi” thrown around, but you’re not entirely sure what it is or how it benefits your district. Here’s a quick overview of the Ed-Fi data standard, which should help you understand what it is and why we're committed to adhering to it.

Sherod Keen and Daniel Hornsby, the guys you are about to meet, are both of the Northeast Florida Educational Consortium. They are passionate about using Ed-Fi to take data points from across various systems and turn them into valuable insight. So, before we steal any of their thunder, we’ll let them take it away! Listen to them explain the value of Ed-Fi in this short video.

Key Points to Remember About Ed-Fi

School districts capture countless data points every single day. The problem is that this information is spread across various systems, so it can be difficult to compare and process.

Ed-Fi helps school leaders keep track of data points from various systems and turn those numbers into actions that improve instruction.

When you’re forced to pull data out of one system to merge it with data from another, it becomes static and loses value. When data can flow from system to system in real-time, it always maintains its value and accuracy.

Embracing Ed-Fi means embracing interoperability. Interoperability means integrations are faster and easier.

Districts aligned with the Ed-Fi standard benefit from streamlined state reporting submissions, reduced maintenance costs, and more local control over their data and reporting.

When you’re able to get all data living in one spot, it is much easier to view, analyze, and report on. And that’s the benefit of the Ed-Fi data standard!

Follow-Up Resources: More on Ed-Fi

For a more in-depth conversation on Ed-Fi, check out How Ed-Fi Standards Simplify Student Data Management.


Ed-Fi Explainer

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