Closing Out the Year in Skyward: Business Suite Edition Closing Out the Year in Skyward: Business Suite Edition

Closing Out the Year in Skyward: Business Suite Edition

by Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson Jason Anderson Customer Support Branch Manager
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From general prep to module-specific checkboxes, here's how to make sure your rollover process is clean, compliant, and done right the first time. 
Please note: This checklist includes only general considerations. It is important to be aware of any specific processes required by your state. You may want to access our online documentation for Financial Management, Account Management, Year-End, and Fiscal Year-End Processes to reference additional items to consider in preparation for year-end and state-specific items.


Qmlativ Checklist

Qmlativ Finance
Qmlativ Finance




Qmlativ Human Resources

Qmlativ Human Resources





SMS 2.0 Checklist 

Finance Checklist
Finance Checklist


+ Inventory




Human Resources Checklist

Human Resources Checklist
+ Payroll


+ Time Off




+ TrueTime

+ Fast Track





We hope these checklists will help you simplify your year-end processing. If you need further assistance, we're more than happy to help. Need a refresher on all the different support options available to you? Check out Know Your Skyward Support Options today! 

Jason Anderson Jason Anderson Customer Support Branch Manager
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