2018 Mid-Year Qmlativ Update 2018 Mid-Year Qmlativ Update

2018 Mid-Year Qmlativ Update

John Jennings John Jennings Digital and Social Media Manager
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Two years ago, we announced the release of Qmlativ, the next evolution of Skyward technology and a major breakthrough in the quest for a universally better information system experience.
Regular readers of Skyward Insider (formerly Educator Newsletter) have seen a number of articles featuring Qmlativ product updates, implementation tips, and videos, but it's been a while since we released a full-blown snapshot. Let’s take a look at where things stand now:

Development status

On the student management side of the house, we’re looking forward to the wide array of integration capabilities on our near-term roadmap, including multiple APIs and, yes, Google Classroom integration(!!!). We’re continuing to refine our dashboard analytics and mobile access options over the next few months, knowing these will be two of the most valuable areas of the software for you in the long-term. For an overview of what’s available right now, feel free to browse the student information system area of our website, where you’ll find full-size screen shots and preview videos for nearly every major feature in the product.
On the business side, we are nearing the functional release date for two brand new areas: Staff Planning and Benefits Management. We’ve received glowing feedback from testers on early iterations of these modules and we will continue to lean on our user-centered development process to ensure the end product matches up with what you actually need. Business suite screenshots, features, and video previews can be found in the school ERP area of our website. Click “View all features” to reveal the product brief links, then choose the one you want to look at.

We will be publishing a more detailed look at what's been released in Qmlativ this calendar year in the August version of Skyward Insider (enter your email address in the footer below to subscribe). 


Adoption and install status

As of May 2018, 35 sites in five states are up and running with Qmlativ. 26 of these sites are using our business suite and 15 are running the student management suite. 6 are live with both. The majority of these are new to the Skyward family, but we have also successfully migrated SMS 2.0 customers to Qmlativ in both product lines.
We have nearly 50 new Qmlativ installs on the docket through the end of this year, which means we should enter 2019 very close to the milestone of 100 customers using the new product. We would also like to extend a big Qmlativ welcome to the states of Pennsylvania and Washington—each will have districts completing their first installs in time for the 2018-2019 school year.
The progress on this front is both exciting and encouraging. In the next couple of months, we’re tackling everything from a brand-new charter school opening its doors this fall to a 65,000-student district in Texas. We’ll also be working with a variety of districts looking to make an early move from SMS 2.0 to Qmlativ.


What does it mean for you?

If you’re in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, or Pennsylvania and you’re curious about your migration options, we encourage you to contact your sales representative. If you don’t know who that is, you can always reach out to us here. We’ll take a look at what you’re using, line it up with the development of Qmlativ, and provide recommendations based on the results of that analysis. If you’re in Washington, you’ll want to contact our friends at WSIPC for more details.
For timelines in other states, stay tuned for updates in this newsletter, the Skyward Forum, your local user group, and keep having those ongoing conversations with your account representative. We intend to remain transparent throughout this process, but if you have any questions that were not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to create a new Forum post or submit your question to us here.


Follow-up resources

For more Qmlativ content, including case studies, brochures, and step-by-step simulations of common tasks, visit the microsite here

For the Qmlativ Family Access Toolkit, click here


John Jennings John Jennings Digital and Social Media Manager
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