Day in the Life: Human Resources Coordinator (International Edition) Day in the Life: Human Resources Coordinator (International Edition)

Day in the Life: Human Resources Coordinator (International Edition)

by Caroline Gilchrist
Caroline Gilchrist Caroline Gilchrist Fly on the Wall
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A Day in the Life  

When people think of careers in education, a human resources coordinator probably isn’t the first—or even the second—to come to mind. But that doesn’t make this position any less central to school districts’ success. HR coordinators have a crucial task: ensuring employees feel cared for and engaged in the workplace.

What does this work look like? Let’s check out a day in the life of an HR coordinator in Bogotá, Colombia!

The Role

Because much of their work is performed behind the scenes, it’s easy to overlook the impact HR coordinators have on their districts. However, HR coordinators have a big responsibility—ensuring the wellbeing of employees, so that employees can in turn focus on the wellbeing of students.
HR coordinators perform administrative tasks and internal “customer service,” answering various questions or fulfilling requests. Their days are often filled with emails, calls, and appointments. While specific responsibilities can vary, an HR coordinator generally:
  • Assists with hiring, onboarding, and training.
  • Administers benefits, such as insurance and 401K, and serves as the liaison between employees and benefits providers.
  • Assists with planning the district’s budget.
  • Manages payroll.
  • Keeps up to date on government requirements.
  • Helps coordinate professional development opportunities for staff.
  • And so much more!
HR coordinators must be attentive to detail, excellent communicators, and have strong interpersonal skills. It’s also helpful to have a foundation in HR.


The Trends

Technology is transforming education, and the human resources department of school districts is no exception. The use of artificial intelligence in HR is increasing, particularly for the recruitment process. By automating some of the steps of recruitment, HR professionals are able to focus on the most important ones—establishing relationships with candidates and choosing the right one. Much paperwork is moving electronic as well, from applications and new hire forms to paystubs and insurance enrollment documents.
Another trend in education HR is the growing emphasis on branding and marketing to help with the recruiting process. Through videos, events, and online platforms, districts showcase their culture in an effort to catch the eye of desirable job candidates.

Technology Tips from a Pro

We asked Angie Borge, HR coordinator at Colegio Nueva Granada, to offer insight into how she uses technology to keep her day going smoothly. Here’s what she shared:


Angie's Advice

Technology is essential to helping me to do my job more easily and effectively. I need to be fast and get results as soon as possible. Here are a few tools that help me get the job done:
Task Manager: We have adapted Skyward tools to our specific needs as an international school for the professional development (PD) process for our staff. We have replaced and automated the functions of the PD request tool with different Skyward options like Advanced Custom Forms and Employee Access/Task Manager. We have also integrated all parts of the PD process with Skyward. This has allowed us to obtain real-time reports, enhance our cost controls, and generate statistics. We have aligned Skyward Access with our internal procedures, avoiding paper for the users and facilitating our supervisors’ decision-making.
Time Off: This is a very important tool to follow up and track all absence requests from our employees. We were able to configure all the time-off reasons to fit our policies. The launch of this tool significantly reduced paper and optimized time. Reports are also used to look at absence trends to develop strategies for intervention and implementation of wellness activities.
FastTrack: Our office uses FastTrack to streamline applicants and optimize our recruitment times. We streamlined the reception of applications to a system that could efficiently create a candidate pool database.
Employee Profile: Employee information is consolidated and readily available. We have all of their information including custom forms that have been adapted to our needs as an international school. We constantly consult the database, and the data mining functionality allows us to have real-time reports.

HR coordinators are instrumental in setting up school districts for success. By offering support, helping maintain a positive work atmosphere, and looking out for the wellbeing of employees, they allow their districts not only to function, but to flourish.

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Caroline Gilchrist Caroline Gilchrist Fly on the Wall
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