An Early Look at Skyward's 2018 Roadmap An Early Look at Skyward's 2018 Roadmap

An Early Look at Skyward's 2018 Roadmap

Kevin Duda Kevin Duda Director of Product Strategy
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Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you could peer into the future to see if that bit of functionality you’ve been eagerly anticipating is coming to Skyward anytime soon?  
Wish no more. Here’s what you can expect from all four Skyward product lines in 2018.

**Note: We go to great lengths to keep ourselves agile so we can balance the needs of the future with the needs of the Skyward family right now. We fully expect to meet the development goals listed here, but it would be irresponsible for us to make any guarantees.

SMS 2.0 Student Management Suite


Integration remains a point of emphasis in the coming year. We intend to: 
  • Expand the LMS API to include Standards Gradebook end points
  • Complete the OneRoster 1.1 API
  • Expand import/export capabilities throughout the system

The Parent Experience   

When parents are happy, everyone’s happy. At least that’s the approach we’re taking with Family Access this year. Some of the most exciting changes in this area include:
  • Greater flexibility for notifications, including email recipients and triggers
  • Improved Custom Forms usability
  • Improved workflows for NSOE and Online Registration

Additional Features and Functionality   

More fields, more data, and more reporting. Those are three of the most common requests we’ve been receiving from you, and we aim to deliver in these areas:
  • More notes and attachments in more areas
  • Additional tracking and reporting features in Special Education
  • More options for custom report cards and transcripts
  • Increased use of gender identity fields
  • Expanded academic standards reporting and display capabilities
  • Ongoing state reporting imports, extracts, and documentation

SMS 2.0 School Business Suite 

Mobile Timesheets

One of the most common uses of our mobile app is for clocking in and clocking out via True Time. We intend to close the loop on that functionality this year:
  • Expanded app capabilities to include timesheet submission

Check Requests  

The more popular a feature, the more requests we see for enhancement. Check requests will be a priority in 2018, including the following additions:
  • Approve and reroute functionality
  • Account group approvals
  • Auto approvals
  • Mobile approvals

Online Forms 

One of the frustrations caused by online forms has been the lingering “incomplete” notification if an employee had a form assigned to him or her that was no longer applicable. We’ll fix that with:
  • A new ability for admins to deactivate or change the status of a form for individuals who are not expected to complete it

Qmlativ Student Management Suite


One of the key benefits of Qmlativ is its improved integration capabilities relative to SMS 2.0. We’re laying the groundwork now for the tightly knit, multi-system infrastructure of the future school districts. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Google Classroom integration
  • LMS API (OneRoster 1.1 spec)
  • Microsoft School Data Sync

Data Analysis/Reporting  

The right information in front of the right people at the right time. That’s what Qmlativ is all about, and we’re taking steps to do even more of that in 2018. Keep an eye out for these enhancements:
  • More dashboard analytics for defined roles
  • Easier screen customization and creation
  • Conditional formatting within the report designer

Additional Features and Functionality   

Qmlativ has come a long way since it was first announced. Some of the major functionality additions to look forward to include:
  • Embedded workflow management system
  • Arena Scheduling
  • District Assessments
  • Mobile applications
  • Online payments

Qmlativ Business Suite

Human Resources

HR teams will enjoy a strong mix of significant functionality rollouts and improvements in 2018. We’ll be showcasing several of these throughout the year as they are completed:
  • Benefit Management
  • Staff Planning and Budgeting
  • Payroll Payables
  • Integration with third-party Sub Calling systems
  • Time Tracking enhancements (adjustments, comp time, restrictions, scheduling, shift differential, time clock integration, a UI overhaul, and more)


Not to be outdone, the financial management half of the Business Suite will also be getting in on the action. Here are just a few of the planned improvements for that area:   
  • Warehouse
  • Project accounting and grant tracking
  • Accounts Payable quick invoice entry and epayables processing
  • Accounts Receivable refunds and interest
  • Ability to message/email POs and attachments

Additional Features and Functionality 

Qmlativ has come a long way since it was first announced. Some of the major functionality additions to look forward to include:
  • Embedded workflow management system
  • Improved and adaptable workflows
  • Improved responsive design in all areas

…And so much more.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on new features as they become available. If you haven’t already subscribed to the Educator Newsletter, take a moment to enter your email address in the footer below for monthly inbox updates, including Skyward tips, “what’s new” articles, and guest posts from some of the most advanced districts in the Skyward family. 


Kevin Duda Kevin Duda Director of Product Strategy
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