A New Tool To Assess Your District's Technology A New Tool To Assess Your District's Technology

A New Tool To Assess Your District's Technology

by Casey Thompson
Casey Thompson Casey Thompson Digital & Social Media Manager
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“We want to do better with what we have.”

If you’ve ever wanted to dig deeper into the ERP and SIS systems you’ve invested in, DistrictCheck offers the data-driven answers you’re looking for.

What is DistrictCheck?

A health check of the district ERP and SIS systems based on real, anonymous feedback from people who use it every day.

How does it work?

DistrictCheck measures feedback about six critical elements:
  • Accountability
  • Resources
  • Systems and processes
  • Data management
  • Communication
  • Teaching and learning

Start by taking inventory using a stakeholder survey through a private URL. Responses are gathered based on role and building. If you’ve ever taken a strength finder test, the format will be familiar: responses are given by using a rating system, then mathematically scored in the background.

Then, results are displayed on a dashboard which begins with a high-level view of all six critical elements. Demographics for the responses are all listed alongside a word cloud built from comments. Example statements are listed to illustrate what prompts may have been used, so it’s easy to recall what the survey questions were. Definitions for each section are included so everyone can use common language and know exactly what is being discussed.

Drill down deeper to reveal subcategories, further broken down and defined depending on the critical element selected—for example, accountability includes compliance, documentation, equity, leadership, relationship, and technology & infrastructure. Further insight into how each of the subcategories stack up means leaders can pinpoint a very granular set of feedback to begin improvement, rather than starting with a high-level challenge.

Whether you’re looking at a high-level dashboard of all six critical elements or drilling into a specific one, you will see sample questions, definitions, and question prompts to spark conversations about areas needing improvement or the trends you’ll want to continue. Think of these questions as a “consultant in a box.” Opportunities for open-ended comments may capture very honest feedback to guide conversations, training, and professional development. 

The dashboard will reveal the bright spots and opportunities for growth. Larger districts can drill down by building and level to see where the strengths and challenges lie within the district. See exactly where departments are exceeding expectations, creating the perfect opportunity for mentoring new users. The data gathered on the dashboard is ideal for reporting to board members and community stakeholders.

How DistrictCheck can be used

Whether you’re only a couple years into an implementation or you’ve been with Skyward for decades, DistrictCheck offers a baseline for growth.

For districts who are fairly new to Skyward, DistrictCheck can serve as a progress report as to how implementation is going. Actual data-driven decisions are made possible based on how ERP and SIS systems are being used today, so it’s easy to see where enrichment is needed and what functionality users may be missing from the system. Early intervention is possible since users are still learning the system.

Long-term Skyward users will have the same data-driven opportunity for growth. DistrictCheck helps double down on one of the biggest investments school districts make—it’s rare to get a glimpse at the ups and downs of an ERP and SIS system, warts and all. By harnessing the honest feedback of all users, DistrictCheck provides a true assessment of exactly how technology is being used, where it can be used more effectively, and what’s running smoothly. 

DistrictCheck offers a rare opportunity for CTOs, superintendents, and other leaders to make real, data-driven decisions about their district’s technology, culture, and processes. 

Follow-up resource: Let's talk about DistrictCheck.

Contact your sales representative to learn more about how DistrictCheck can help you make the most of your technology. DistrictCheck is available at a low cost based on enrollment, but you may also qualify for a special discount.


Casey Thompson Casey Thompson Digital & Social Media Manager
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