eLearning with the Course Learning Center eLearning with the Course Learning Center

eLearning with the Course Learning Center

Travis Colby Travis Colby Product Specialist
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Want to work smarter with Skyward? Check out the Course Learning Center (CLC), Skyward’s very own learning management system!
In response to COVID-19, we’re offering the CLC FREE through the end of the 2019–2020 school year for SMS 2.0 customers using our student information system. Since you may be using the CLC for the first time, we want to share some of the features you’ll enjoy with this tool. Check out this short video for an overview.
Interested in getting started with the CLC? Complete the form on this page to get started.  

Follow-Up Resource: 10 Skyward Features Every Teacher Should Know

Looking for more classroom tools? Check out this short video for 10 Skyward features every teacher should know.


Travis Colby Travis Colby Product Specialist
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