Customer Service provided great expertise

"Recently, I worked with Skyward’s customer service. I was provided with great expertise and I saved probably ten hours of work. I really appreciate their assistance and expertise!"  Share
Clinton Huffman
Spring Branch ISD, TX

Remarkable culture

"I really appreciate Skyward’s culture. Their willingness to listen to customers and constantly push out improvements makes us truly appreciate the partnership we have created."  Share
Mitch Fowler
Battle Creek Central high School,

Outstanding customer service

"We’ve experienced outstanding customer service and support. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if you don’t have someone or something to help you when you need it most."  Share
Travis McGuire
Hinckley-Big Rock Community Unit School District #429,

Receptive to requests

"Different vendors try to sell their programs to us, but we have no reason to change. Skyward has addressed all of our needs, and I believe they have been very receptive when we’ve made requests."  Share
Dr. Kerry Parker
Clovis Municipal School District,

ACA tutorials and trainings make a difference

"I would not be making it through the 1095c process if it wasn't for the great people at Skyward. The instructions and trainings have been vital to me. Thank you again!"  Share
Paula Lafean
Highlands School District, PA

Ongoing support is timely and helpful

"I always hear back on questions I submit within a day, and it’s usually within an hour. The support people really know their job and escalate issues as needed without having to be asked."  Share
Nancy Toll
Hudson School District ,

Great implementation experience

"From a personal standpoint, this was one of the smoothest transitions I have experienced. Anytime a problem has arisen, [Skyward staff] have been available and usually have a quick resolution."  Share
Michelle Woods
Hamblen County, TN

Exceeds our needs

"Behind this entire process is an awesome software company that listens to our issues and exceeds our needs. It’s a testament to Skyward and the reason we switched."  Share
Mary Mitchem
Georgetown ISD,

Growing together

"We have been a Skyward district since 2000... The constant has been Skyward's commitment to customer service and evolving to meet our needs."  Share
Dr. Brent Richburg
Plainview ISD, TX

Going the extra mile

"I'm never left to feel unimportant by support representatives and Skyward always goes the extra mile to assist."  Share
Joe Herrera
Eanes ISD, TX

New users find Skyward easy to learn

"I found [Skyward] to be relatively easy to learn, even after having no training or prior knowledge... Now, having attended the training, I am able to access many more services that I can offer to our students and staff."  Share
Jacki Dunsmore
Roscommon Area Public Schools, MI

Skyward's chat feature is phenomenal

"Skyward helps our district by having phenomenal technical support using the chat feature. It saves a ton of time and is the best I've ever used."  Share
Debbie Dyar-Tapp
Weston School District, WI

Painless conversions with Skyward

"We've experienced conversions with other companies that were painful and disorganized. Skyward conversions were effective and well organized."  Share
Carol Makuski
Waupaca School District, WI

Getting things done

"There were no loose ends; it was just snapping your fingers and boom, boom, boom, things were done... Our assigned Skyward project manager and the programmers worked like crazy. They were wonderful."  Share
Sue Pike
Deer Park ISD, TX

Support team eases transition

"[Skyward's] support team was the umbrella that protected us at every step, and we couldn’t have done it without them."  Share
Cristian Ionita
Wilson County Schools,

Close relationships

"I've developed close friendships [with the customer support team]. They can tell you about any part of the program. I don't know what I'd do without them. "  Share
Teresa Simcox
Elizabethton City Schools,

A better implementation experience

"I am still amazed at what was accomplished in such a short period of time. It was a very positive process and a great move to Skyward."  Share
Roxie Schafer
Garden City USD, KS

Consultant during the conversion process

"The consultant finds out how procedures are currently being done, what works, what doesn't work, and then uses that information to build the program to fit our needs!"  Share
Rita Noel
Prairie View USD 362, KS

It's all about teamwork

"It’s about teamwork, which is how it should be between the vendor and client. We didn’t get there with our former vendor, but in less than two years we are there with Skyward."  Share
Tim Harper
Seminole County Public Schools ,

Transitioning to Skyward is a smooth process

"Skyward has done an amazing job in implementing the software transition. The calendar of training sessions was scheduled in a very effective manner to enable a smooth transition."  Share
Dana Reilly
Hale Area Schools, MI

The conversion to Skyward was an easy process

"The conversion from our previous software provider to Skyward was a simple process and we could not be more satisfied with Skyward. Skyward is so easy to navigate and the training that we were offered proved to be phenomenal."  Share
Judi Keigher
Community HSD 218, IL

State-specific support

"The onsite support we received was excellent. The folks we are working with have a really good grasp of what Pennsylvania special education is all about. "  Share
Ginger Thompson
Central Fulton School District,

Project management steps up

"The project manager for both conversions was absolutely great. Any concern that we brought up was her concern."  Share
Harris Jacobs
Lake County School District,

A truly likable team

"I haven't met anyone at Skyward I didn't like. They are genuinely interested and concerned, and ready to listen to anything we have to say."  Share
Michael Heaps
Jordan School District, UT

Exceeding expectations

"Even though I have been a Skyward customer in various districts for over a decade and have always had good customer service, what I experienced has exceeded any expectation I could have had."  Share
Scot Ecker
Muskego-Norway School District,