Family Access is the front door to parent engagement

"I see [Skyward] as being sort of that front door. If we can get people to walk through that, then we can introduce them to other things going on at the school that will hopefully make their child’s career even better."  Share
Babetta Hemphill
Garland ISD, TX

Skyward technology is the future

"The log-ins for the students is amazing. The emails for the teachers and parents are incredible, too.  I think that’s the future, and I’m always looking for the future."  Share
Greg Johnson
MSD of Washington Township, IN

Online enrollment is a success

"The opening of New Student Online Enrollment was 
a huge success. Our parents were able to complete everything they needed to before coming to school. This allowed our campus administrative and registration staff to spend quality time with parents and students."  Share
Barbara Benzaia
Fort Bend ISD, TX

Improved communication between families and teachers

"Right away parents were communicating more with teachers, which was interesting, because in our old system we didn’t see many logins until grades were due."  Share
Pete Just
MSD of Wayne Township, IN

Seeing a difference in communication

"I have noticed that there has been an increase in communication between myself and parents. They will contact me if they see something concerning with their student's grades."  Share
Samantha Bledsoe
Pekin Community High School District 303, IL

Data we can use

"The tools that are in Skyward really allow me to provide our administrators with information they can act upon."  Share
Scott Herring
Lehigh Career & Technical Institute, PA

State reporting is a huge plus

"Skyward is leagues ahead of every other system out there that we are aware of when it comes to state reporting. They are on top of it, always knowing what new requirements will be imposed on the districts."  Share
Lisa Unger
Galesburg School District, IL

Skyward organization makes life easier

"We had recently moved to a new campus and our information was everywhere. Every office has to have each student in hundreds of places. Skyward has brought all of that together, in one, making our lives much easier."  Share
Josiane Mikhael
American International School - Riyadh, XX

Printing Reports quickly and efficiently

"As a high school Registrar, Skyward allows me to print and create reports quickly and efficiently, from grades to attendance and discipline. It can all be printed in one report within seconds."  Share
Jan Weeks
Jacksonville ISD, TX

Skyward is a dedicated company, product, and team

"All areas from student enrollment to attendance, discipline to grading, and state reporting can be aligned… If you are looking for a company, product, and team to improve workflow for your student management system, there is none better than Skyward."  Share
Bridgett Abston
MSD of Washington Township, IN

State reporting saves weeks

"[State reporting] used to take me two full weeks working 10-12 hours a day to clean the data and get it ready. With Skyward, the entire process has been reduced down to just a couple of hours."  Share
Jason Murray
Cornwall-Lebanon School District, PA

Skyward saves time when creating student schedules

"The master schedule builder is the best scheduling program I have ever worked with, allowing the high school…for three years in a row to schedule student requests successfully at or above 95%."  Share
Cory Kaisler
Hortonville School Distirct, WI

Special Education module is time-saving

"It is extremely time-saving to have an integrated system where the information from the Regular Education records can automatically pull into the Special Ed records. We like that we can customize forms and can run reports easily."  Share
Holly Burns
Stevens Point Area School District, WI

Parents are more involved with their child's school work

"With Skyward, parents in our district have become more involved with their child's school work. They find it easy to navigate Family Access, view missing assignments, and connect with teachers about things occurring in the classroom."  Share
Sandra Jantzi
Au-Gres-Sims School District, MI

Students have access to grades and assignments

"With Skyward, students have 24/7 access to all grades and missing assignments. Gone are the days of a student using “I didn’t know” as an excuse!"  Share
Margery Gronlund
Calumet School District, MI

Skyward provides the bridge between school and home

"Our teachers love the online assignments and tests. They now have more time to focus on their students rather than correcting papers...Skyward does it for them!"  Share
Lisa Winterowd
Brainerd ISD 181, MN

Skyward makes term-end grading simple

"Skyward has been a tool that has saved us much time and effort, especially in the area of term-end grades. Checkout used to be a nightmare, having to reconcile two different systems, but Skyward's grading processes have made it extremely simple."  Share
Arthur Allen
Fort Bend ISD, TX

Parent buy-in is amazing

"Now when we talk to parents, they ask us if they can put us on hold while they bring up the information on their computer so they can see it as we are talking about it with them."  Share
Jeff Mlsna
Stevens Point Area School District, WI

Customer is very happy with the Skyward Special Ed module

"We are very happy with the Skyward Special Ed Module... I find myself using it not just for writing IEP's, but for broader data collection features as well. I love it!"  Share
Nick Barone
McHenry CCSD 15, IL

Skyward simplifies end-of-term tasks

"I use the Attendance and Grade modules most often in my position. Skyward simplifies end-of-term tasks, as the recording, averaging, and generation of report cards is automatic."  Share
Sue Walker
Tonganoxie USD 464, KS

Reach students who struggle to learn

"Skyward has had an immeasurable impact helping us engage our students and parents… Communication is the key to reaching our students that are struggling the most; Skyward has given us the ability to reach even the most troubled learners."  Share
Scott Anthony
CHSD 230, IL

Family Access helps parents stay up-to-date on their child's information

"The most important benefit to using Skward is the immediate access it provides to parents... From paying school meals online, to seeing attendance, grades, and missing assignments, parents have a great overview of how their children are doing."  Share
Vicki Lyons
La Crosse, WI

Parents and students are excited by the Family Access portal

"Our parents are thrilled with the Family Access portal for keeping track of student assignments, attendance and discipline. After they realized the power of knowing their grades on real-time basis, the students were equally hooked."  Share
Amy Campbell
Centennial School District, PA

Fewer dedicated district staff

"We are able to operate with fewer administrative employees than other districts. Most require approximately five to six systems to accomplish what we do with just one."  Share
Rick Bates
Rapid City Area Schools, SD

No PhD Needed

"With our old system, you practically needed an advanced degree to produce reports... But with Skyward, reports that once took hours to produce will now take seconds."  Share
Dr. Daniel Fishbein
Ridgewood Public Schools, NJ

Access to Skyward at home

"One of the things that attracted us most to Skyward was the fact that it was web-based. It was very important to us because we want teachers to have access to their gradebook, their online lesson plans, and so forth, at home."  Share
Johanna Whitley
Anderson County , TN

The effect of better analytics

"Our end goal - and we're sure we'll get there with Skyward - is to be able to analyze how a group of students will perform with a particular teacher so each student can get the absolute best education."  Share
Jeff Edmonds
Oak Ridge Schools, TN

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