ACA trendsetters

"Skyward is a wonderful system and you guys are on top of the Health Care Reform and ACA reporting... We appreciate Skyward being the leader and trendsetter in all of this new chaos."  Share
Darla Wagner
Kingman-Norwich USD 331, KS

County officials automate and save

"We selected Skyward because of what we see as the benefits from the efficiency. It brought us into the 21st century as far as software goes."  Share
Bill Brittain
Hamblen County, TN

True Time saves money and time

"The [Time Tracking] module saves money by eliminating the need for paper timesheets and saves time by eliminating the need to file those timesheets. No more calculating time by hand, because the system keeps track of it for you."  Share
Shelly Kircher
Little Falls ISD #482, MN

District Documents Technology Implementation

"[Qmlativ] contained the most important qualities we look for in education technology: accessibility, attentiveness to district needs, in tune with national, state, and local changes, instant support, and a continuously evolving product."  Share
Dr. R.J. Gravel
Glenbrook High School District 225,

Make data-driven decisions

"Thanks to Skyward, we have empowered people in the organization with the data they need to do their jobs and it’s now available on an as-needed basis."  Share
Deb Haneke
Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas, KS

Real-time processes

"It's not efficient to send paper back and forth between schools when the same process can be done in real time with Skyward's solutions."  Share
Christopher Wildman
North Shore School District 112, IL

A streamlined payroll process

"Eliminating timecards has been the biggest savings. We used to print out everyone’s timecards every other week… It used to take a day and a half just to print timecards and then enter the hours. Now, it is a day to completely process payroll."  Share
Char Ruhbeck
Frankfort School District 157C , IL

Well-equipped for ACA

"The Affordable Care Act was intimidating from so many aspects, but components in Skyward such as ACA Utilities, Sub Tracking, True Time, and Data Mining helped reduce our risk and improve our compliance."  Share
Linda Lewis
Escambia County School District, FL

True Time is part of our culture

"True Time is part of the culture here. It’s like using email now. It’s just something they do, and it’s easy for them to do. It’s so convenient."  Share
Vicki Lyons
School District of La Crosse, WI

Paid for itself

"If you do the math, Skyward pretty much paid for itself in what we saved. To give our employees raises and still be under our payroll from last year is really good."  Share
Nicole Huff
South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative, KS

Skyward is fast and effective

"I dreaded changing financial systems because it is scary, it is time consuming and all procedures basically need to be redone. In retrospect, I wish we would have switched to Skyward years ago. We are such a better organization with it than we were before."  Share
Cliff Ogborn
Mountain Home School District, ID

All about accountability

"Skyward has provided real-time access to budget balances for all administrators, and therefore greatly helps to maintain accountability."  Share
Thomas English
North Branch Area Schools, MI

Short and sweet

"Much less paper and thus much less errors."  Share
Brian Adesso
Menasha Joint School District, WI

Great for rural districts

"We are a small rural district with a small business department. Skyward allows us to efficiently and accurately complete important financial tasks."  Share
David Bell
Cashton School District, WI

Keeping us compliant

"It has been clear that Skyward stays at the forefront of upcoming state initiatives and federal requirements, such as the Affordable Care Act. This provides us the peace of mind that...we'll stay in compliance with these requirements."  Share
Trent Nuxoll
Mahomet-Seymour CUSD 3, IL

Time off and requisitions

"Skyward's School Business Suite has drastically improved [our] efficiency in the review and approval of time-off requests and requisitions because of the digitization of the process."  Share
Lynn Westhoff
Clinton CUSD 15, IL

Ability to create reports is endless

"We have grown to love the Finance and HR programs offered by Skyward. The ability to create reports is virtually endless, so it makes managing our financial ship much easier. We are very glad we moved to Skyward and have never looked back."  Share
Vaughn Sylva
Bartholomew CSC, IN

No more printing and mailing

"Before Skyward, we were printing somewhere around 2,400 print stubs every two weeks... The cost savings around that entire process have been significant."  Share
Mark McKenzie
Allentown, PA

Performing AP tasks with Skyward is organized and easy

"Performing AP tasks with Skyward is organized and easy. It has simplified our processes and made reconciling all accounting seamless and accurate. It also allows quick access to past invoices and payments."  Share
Jana Akagi
Oak Ridge Schools, TN

Saving time with Skyward

"In the areas of absence management and substitute payroll processing, not only do I save a lot of time by using Skyward, but I also find the system to be much more user-friendly than other systems."  Share
Char Horsfall
Verona Area School District, WI

Saving time and money with Skyward

"Skyward helps our district by saving us so much time and money. Our department saves 20 hours per week on average using Skyward. We love how user friendly it is and our employees love employee access."  Share
Kelly Hallmark
Verona Area School District, WI

Saving our business office time

"Skyward helps our district save a lot of time for our business office by allowing employees to have access to their personal information, such as payroll, time off, etc…"  Share
Jana Wylie
Henderson ISD, TX

Fast Track is efficient and convenient

"Online applications. Online Evaluation. No more paper. Skyward's [Applicant Tracking] Module is efficient and convenient. Streamlining our evaluation of candidates saves us valuable time and money."  Share
Brian Bridwell
Jerome School District 261, ID

Finance and HR modules make customers' jobs easier

"The simplified process of building reports, creating a budget, running payroll, paying bills, and year-end reporting is a significant improvement for us."  Share
Cheryl Lamunyon
Emmett ISD 221, ID

School district saves money with Employee Access

"We use all aspects of Employee Access and no longer print W2's or pay stubs which helps cut down on processing time and the cost of supplies and postage."  Share
Kathy Kendrick
Olympia CUSD 16, IL

Time and money saved

"Had I have known the time that it would save me each year in setting up contracts and pay records for the staff I would have begun using it much sooner. I wholeheartedly recommend this product."  Share
Connie Sutton
Pekin Public School District 108, IL

Paperless payrolls are amazing

"In the past, just prior to each payday, we had to print out the statements, collate them, and send them out to the schools. Today, the entire process is paperless."  Share
Cindy Nagasawa-Cruz
Jordan School District, UT

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