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The Problem 

State reporting obligations can be time consuming and costly for school districts. The process takes skilled employees away from educational tasks and forces them into tedious data-mining and submission practices. They spend hours sorting through, searching for, and compiling information to prepare the reports.

When requirements change, districts experience the added stress of quickly learning about and adapting to the new policies with little turnaround time before deadlines kick in.



Cornwall-Lebanon School District, PA

The Cornwall-Lebanon School District is “committed to excellence and continuous improvement.” It comes as no surprise, then, that the district sought to improve on the nearly 100 percent manual, inefficient data manipulation method it had been using to meet the state reporting requirements.
In 2008, Cornwall-Lebanon decided to make a change by implementing the Skyward Student Management Suite (SMS) and the School Business Suite (SBS) to manage every aspect of its administrative operations, including state reporting. The results were dramatic.

Organization and Efficiency

Prior to using Skyward, the person in charge of reporting at the district had to pull information out of the system and transfer the data into Excel spreadsheets using formulas, pivot tables, and other similar tools to clean the data. The rigorous process required multiple tweaks whenever reporting requirements were updated. But that all changed when the district moved to Skyward.
“State reporting is completely refined and intuitive with Skyward,” said Jason Murray, technology coordinator for Cornwall-Lebanon School District. “It used to take me about two full weeks working 10-12 hours a day to clean the data and get it ready for reporting. With Skyward the entire process has been reduced down to just a couple of hours.”

Accuracy and Integration

Skyward has reduced the district’s potential for error in state reports. “Now when we hire a new teacher, for example, Human Resources enters the person’s information into the system and the information is automatically populated throughout our SMS and SBS systems,” said Murray. “If the data is clean going into the system, we can be confident in the accuracy of our reports.”


Adaptability and Continuous Improvement

The district is enjoying the peace of mind that comes with putting change control processes into someone else’s trusted hands. “With Skyward, the updating process is extremely easy and intuitive,” Murray said. “We simply log in to Skyward’s customer-access portal, download the link, and hit “Go” and it installs the update. We really don’t have to do anything more.”

“Even though [other districts] are using school management systems, when it comes to state reporting, many still face a very cumbersome and time-consuming process,” Murray said. “With Skyward, all we have to do is export the data to a single spreadsheet. It is so much easier and a time saver. I would highly recommend Skyward for any district focused on driving efficient and accurate state reporting. It is definitely one of the best systems I’ve seen.”


How it works

  • A dedicated compliance team maintains contact with the relevant agencies and Departments of Education.
  • Priority development and quick deployment give districts more processing time.
  • Improved accuracy helps districts maximize funding opportunities.
  • Powerful data analysis tools, including graphical depictions, drill-downs, and forecasting are included.
  • No need to learn a complex report writer. 
  • District staff can automatically send reports where they need to go. 

Follow-up resource: State and federal reporting

To learn more about Skyward's commitment to helping districts with state and federal compliance requirements, check out our State and Federal Reporting page.

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