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EdTech Playbook: Twitter for Educators EdTech Playbook: Twitter for Educators

EdTech Playbook: Twitter for Educators


Remember when Twitter was little more than a punchline? You'd be talking to colleagues or mingling at a conference and someone would invariably laugh at the idea of "tweetering, or whatever it's called." It was just another fad destined to lead society into ruin—something the kids used because they couldn't communicate in full sentences.

Wow, that feels like a long time ago. Education professionals of all walks—superintendents, counselors, teachers, tech leaders, and reformers—have flocked to the Twitterverse in larger numbers than those in any other field, with the possible exception of journalism. 

The misunderstood, character-limited social media platform, once poo-pooed by serious-minded academics, is now one of the best professional development and networking resources on the planet. But is it too late to join the party? Of course not! With the Twitter Playbook, you can get up and running in just 15 minutes. 


1) An Introduction


2) Account Setup


3) Your Profile


4) Your Guide to the Twitterverse

It's as easy as that. Now that you have the hang of things, don't forget to follow @AdvancingK12 for more insights from the intersection of technology, culture, and leadership.



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