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2022 Reader Survey 2022 Reader Survey

2022 Reader Survey

by Casey Thompson
Casey Thompson Casey Thompson Web & Digital Media Manager
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Dear reader, 

I come to you with a request for your honest feedback.

Our chief purpose for the Advancing K12 newsletter is to keep you informed of the latest insight in K12 school culture, leadership, and technology. The best way to do that is to tailor our content to your top interests.

And one way we can achieve this is to ask for your insight.

Please complete this survey—only 13 questions—to tell us a little about yourself, about your experience as a reader, and about topics we may cover in the future.

Start the survey

Your time is much appreciated, and we will share our findings this summer so you can learn a bit about your 10,000+ peers at Advancing K12.

Sincere thanks!

Casey Thompson Casey Thompson Web & Digital Media Manager
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