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How Data Standards Safeguard School Data from Ransomware

Choosing a data standard offers more options for cybersecurity strategy as well as an easier administrative load for many users.

5 Ways Good EdTech Puts People First

Your edtech vendor partners should be asking for feedback, putting people's stories first, offering security training, and doing more than placing tech in schools.

5 Quick Edtech Tips for Physical Safety in Schools

Look at 5 existing edtech tools you may already have that can help with building safety.

Midyear Check-in: 2023 Conversations

What's happening in the news around K12 education? Check out what's happening with learning loss, teacher retention, and data security in K12 schools.

Pandemic-Era Safety and Security in School Buildings

Reopening schools has grabbed national attention. Here are the ways administrators are working to do so safely and securely.

Hot Take: Automated Classrooms

Learn how automation, from attendance to lighting, can add up to thousands in savings in the average K12 school district.


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