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Is Automation Right for K12 Schools?


What K12 Leaders Can Learn from Saturday Morning Cartoons

Study the strengths of uber-nostalgic Saturday morning cartoons to see what strategies educators can put to good use in classrooms. Spoiler: It's all about student agency.

Summertime Fraud Watch: 10 Ways to Stay Vigilant

Learn 10 ways fraudsters will try to take advantage of the school business office and what you can do with your processes and ERP system to protect the school business office.

6 Edtech Tools Schools Used to Navigate a Pandemic

Built in PD, moving new student enrollment online, paperless processes, arena scheduling, and built-in health screeners make your jobs easier.

Gen Z is Bad at Cybersecurity

We tend to think Gen Z have it all on lock as digital natives. Turns out they're more risky online than their older counterparts.

Brace for Impact: School Data and Disasters

Backups, careful planning, and crisis management all come into play when protecting or recovering data from a disaster, whether manmade or natural.


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