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Ditch Passwords and Use Passphrases

A strong password stands between a hacker's ransom and your district. Here's how to choose carefully (and often).

3 Considerations in Favor of Momentum—Even When Times Are Tough

Ever passed up an opportunity because it felt like too much for your team to handle? Consider their ability and long-term vision before you pass.

Solidifying a Distance Learning Strategy

How to go about making a solid plan for remote teaching & learning.

3 Proven Ways to Defeat Fraud

Advancing K12 Blog: Imagine discovering that while you've been agonizing over pennies in the budget, hundreds or thousands of dollars were being inaccurately reported or routed to an undisclosed recipient? The sad reality is, any district can fall victim to fraud. Here are three steps that can help ensure the security of your district's funds.

20 Things We'll Be Into This Decade

From STEM to chronic absenteeism strategies to intervention to technology, explore 20 topics we'll be watching over the next ten years.

Data Legislation in Review via the Data Quality Campaign

Data legislation helps keep student data safe. Find out what has and hasn't been passed and proposed as far as data privacy in K12 schools.


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