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Platforms, Processes, and Fraud Prevention

Technology. Community. Leadership. Advancing K-12 EdTech is the district administrator's source for future ready trends and tips.

5 Budget Curveballs for 2020

Staff challenges, virus protection, ppe, and so much more are keeping SBOs up at night. Take stock of the challenges to find solutions.

End of the Year in the School Business Office

A high-level look at how the end of the year looks in the school business office, and how a great ERP can manage all the tasks associated with ending one year and beginning anew.

The Pros and Cons of Live Gradebooks

Online gradebooks come with great perks and specific challenges. Weigh the pros and cons to gradebooks updated in real time on a live online interface.

Could Virtual Options Double Parent Participation?

Post-pandemic we'll be eager to get groups back into class, but what about parent/teacher conferences? Virtual options might increase engagement and participation.

Record Health Data Using Your SIS

A student information system is much more than an online gradebook! See all you can do to make recording health information easier and more secure using an SIS.


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