We Have the Tools; Let's Keep Our Talent We Have the Tools; Let's Keep Our Talent

We Have the Tools; Let's Keep Our Talent

Erin Werra Erin Werra Edtech Thought Leader
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Talent can only get you so far. That’s why the skills you’re passionate about can inform the tools you choose to master.

Hold on now, you might be thinking, what if I encourage my staff to master tools they’re passionate about and they leave?

Yes, that’s always a possibility. But it’s an equal, or maybe greater, possibility that they will leave if you don’t encourage them to explore their passions and build their skills. Why not keep those passionate, skillful folks contributing to your terrific school culture?

Without further ado, here are four ways passionate folks can walk the tech walk as well as talk the tech talk.


Specialized technology

While schools are currently graduating folks proficient in what we used to call basic computing skills, don’t let the word “technology” become synonymous with computers.

Specialized tech is specific to each specialized field. A budding photographer might immerse themselves in cameras, gimbals, and lighting and bring those skills back to your district to create content and tell stories. 


Specialized skills

This one is so easy to support, it’s state-mandated. As educators and staff complete continuing education credentials, hand over the reins and listen more than you prescribe PD when possible. With digital badging and self-guided PD options, flexibility is more affordable than ever. 

Sticking with our communication theme, imagine staff pick up professional writing credits. Whether it’s grant writing or simply crafting a snappier email, all these skills add up to a shinier school culture.


Studying trends and mapping data

Sure, your SIS and ERP have gorgeous dashboards and powerful reporting features. It would be a shame to let that phenomenal cosmic power go to waste! Invest in your folks closest to your data and reporting, and watch your district hum along a little faster with fewer hiccups—the momentum is glorious.

Further, once the data is mapped and graphed, consider upping the design element. Adding visual interest isn't just for show—engaging your audience in topics like the annual budget is worth going the extra mile.


Artificial intelligence and algorithms

If you had a dollar for every time you’ve read “ChatGPT” in the past couple of months, well… you would probably be reading this from a white sand beach somewhere quiet and sunny. As it stands, the next horizon of computer science undeniably lies with AI. The algorithms that power social media feeds and other data delivery services are already delivering machine-generated content and data. Why not bring some of that deep machine learning to your district and see how it might help you and your students along?

But knowing a skill only gets a person so far and keeps them at a pleasant simmer of happiness and challenge for so long. The folks contributing to your school culture are always going to be chasing a neon rainbow of new knowledge and skills.

At least, that’s the lifelong learner spirit we hope for. 


Follow-up resource: Culture keeps high performers 

Learn 4 clever ways culture can retain teachers and staff in your district.

Erin Werra Erin Werra Edtech Thought Leader
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