Video Edtech Playbook: When Is It Time for a New SIS? Video Edtech Playbook: When Is It Time for a New SIS?

Video Edtech Playbook: When Is It Time for a New SIS?

by Tim Casey
Tim Casey Tim Casey Vice President of Implementations
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Considering all the late nights, brainpower, and tears that go into making the switch to a new SIS, you deserve kudos just for opening this post. 

Your student information system is a workhorse for your district, but with the right fit it can be so much more for students, families, employees, and leadership. Powerful data insights can guide policy and process decisions. Strong communication can connect schools and homes without compromising security. And with all that impeccable scaffolding, student outcomes can soar. 

Let’s explore how you can decide whether your current SIS is primed for success as we face the new future. 


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Clunky interface?

If your SIS isn’t saving you time, what’s the point?


Lack of support?

A multitude of support options make it easy to troubleshoot on the fly and solve deeper process problems. But if you’re mostly on your own, it’s time to join a stronger support team.


Manual, DIY data?

Stay ahead of any changes and save time by choosing an SIS vendor who keeps a finger on the pulse of state and federal reporting.


Security scares?

If there’s one top concern of district administrators, it’s got to be data security. Does your SIS cover all the security concerns you have?

Only your leadership team can make this decision on behalf of all your district. The time invested in leveling up your SIS could be a game-changer. 


Follow-up resource: Making the switch

So you’ve decided to switch to a new SIS. What are the next steps? Tune in to this playbook to learn more.

Tim Casey Tim Casey Vice President of Implementations
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