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Don't you sometimes wish that you could see everything that happens in your district? myDistrict360 is as close as you can get. myDistrict360 is a comprehensive analytics tool meant to deliver customized data to all the Skyward users in your district, and to deliver the content in such a way that you can get a high-level overview of the data, or drill into specific records to find out what's really going on.
  • Powerful analytics for all your Skyward users.
  • Customizable access to data, to deliver all the vital information your users need, while still maintaining data security.
  • Start with a large-scale overview, and drill into granular data.
Individualized data for individuals –  myDistrict360 is built to accommodate a wide array of people in a wide array of roles in your district with customizable access  to data and secured information. You can be confident that your employees will get the information they need when they need it, and in a format that’s accessible and easy to understand.
Great for district administrators  - Superintendents can view their whole district’s  data at a glance, starting with a very high-level view, and moving into granular data with only a few clicks. This sort of overview allows district administrators to make comparisons between their schools, and draw easy conclusions about what is working in your district and what isn’t.
Great for school employees  – Guidance counselors, curriculum directors, principals – everyone’s going to find the data they want in myDistrict360. Your employees can start at the school level and quickly get into individual student data, allowing them to find trends on one student or all their students.