Skyward Custom Reporting


Custom Reporting provides district-unique reporting at a lower cost and faster turnaround then conventional practices. 


Skyward uses Crystal Reports by Business Objects, an SAP company, to develop custom reports. Skyward offers certified trainers and report developers who offer classroom & onsite training, customer service call support as well as development of your own custom reporting needs.


Along with custom report tools, training resources, and custom design services, Skyward offers a variety of pre-built reports:

  • Quick Pick Reports - These Crystal reports come free of charge within your Skyward software. You can use the Crystal quick pick reports as is or use them as a template when developing your own Crystal Reports.
  • Report Cards - Skyward offers a number of options for your report card needs from system designed to custom report cards created using Crystal Reports.

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Rockwall ISD, Texas
Rockwall found a way to centralize their district operations and improve reporting and operational efficiencies to better serve the district and parents. Read more

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Anderson County Schools, TN



"Skyward software is such an awesome tool. From the reports that are already made to the reports you can build yourself, there really hasn’t been any information we can’t obtain from it."

Patti Ciecko

Nippersink School District 2, IL

“Before using Skyward we had to create a lot of our own reports which took us 8-16 hours per day for up to 2 days. With Skyward, the reports already exist and we are able to just hit a button and go. And without a doubt, we are far more confident that the information is accurate.”

Lyle DuBus

Executive Director of Instructional Delivery
Grand Prairie ISD, TX


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