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Skyward Database Tuning


Over time, your database can outgrow its original setup and become fragmented and lose performance.


A tune-up will ensure that your database is performing at its best.

Run your district more efficiently by having Skyward perform a tune-up on your database.
Your well-tuned database will perform better, will be free of temporary files that can make it sluggish, and will issue less error messages to end users.
A tune-up from Skyward IT Services is a simple way to ensure that your Skyward software is working at peak performance.



Feature  Benefits
Convert to Type 2 Storage
  • Increase your database performance.
  • Store your data in multiple areas.
  • Enable large file support for database extents.
Database dump and load
  • Checks your database for internal corruption and tunes it for optimal performance. Services include:

     - Removal of old release/update files.

     - Increase pre-formatted database extents as necessary.

     - Adjust database parameters to meet current and expected needs.

     - Verify the integrity and condition of the database.

     - Re-index and defragment the database.

  • During the dump, every record in every table will be read and free space from deleted records will be reclaimed.
  • Uncover any corruption at the record-level by automatically stopping at corrupt records.
  • Gives peace of mind knowing that your data is corruption-free and tuned for optimal performance.
Database dump and load defragmentation
  • Data is put back in order then re-indexed after loading.

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“As a smaller district with a limited technology budget, we have to prioritize our needs and Skyward’s expertise has been invaluable in helping us determine where to begin.”

Brad Boll

Director of Business Services
Beloit Turner SD, WI


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