Skyward Skylert

When information has to be spread through your district fast, you don’t have time to initiate the phone tree. Skyward’s Skylert is an automated process will ensure that everyone gets all the important emergency information they need.

  • Can be triggered by any smartphone or computer with security access.

  • Send notifications to everyone concerned in your district for everything ranging from a snow day to building emergency.

  • Notifications arrive in the format recipients prefer - call, text, or email.


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  • Skyward's Skylert - Automated Communication System


    Feature  Benefits
    Fast messaging
    • Skylert can send tens of thousands of messages in just minutes
    • School officials can quickly alert parents of an early school closing or other emergency situation
    Integrates with Skyward Family Access
    • Using Skyward Family Access, parents can select how to be contacted in an emergency: phone, email, and/or text message
    • Parents can update preferences and contact information anytime and as often as they like
    • In addition to school closings and emergencies, parents can also be contacted with low food service balances and automatically receive updates about attendance discrepancies
    Pricing options
    • School districts can choose between a three call pack, emergency use only, or unlimited calls/SMS text messaging 
    Works directly from your Skyward database
    • No need for constant manual exports to a third party system
    • Multiple fully integrated data ranges to meet your calling needs (Parent, staff, attendance and food service data)


    Reliable plan in case of an emergency
    • For a nominal amount of money, school districts can have an emergency plan for quick and reliable communication in case the need arises


    Easy to install and run
    • The software is hosted, so there is no need to purchase expensive hardware
    • Pre-built integration eliminates the need for your IT staff to become experts in data manipulation

    Skyward allows us to keep parents informed through access to student records and Skylert email and phone notices. Skyward is easy to use and innovative, always developing new ways to keep school districts and its families on the same page.

    Marianne Rauls (Secretary, SAUK PRAIRIE SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 2,633)


    I have used Skyward software since 1997 and have found that the software itself, as well as the support provided, are designed to be quick, efficient, and highly user-friendly.

    John Strack (Principal, RACINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 21,800)


    Over the past nine years Lakeland High School has used the Skyward Student Management system for all aspects of scheduling, grading, and management of student data. Not only is our staff proficient in the use of Skyward, parents and students use Skyward to access grades, track attendance, and manage lunch accounts.

    Bob Behnke (Principal, HURON VALLEY SCHOOLS, MI - Enrollment 10,437)




    With Skyward, our district saves time and money by providing the means to facilitate easier use of grade book, attendance, and report cards for students and family.

    Sharon Peterson (Secretary, WAYZATA SCHOOL DISTRICT, MN - Enrollment 9,777)


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    "Skyward has always been ready long before other programs, so I'm always confident that they are on top of things. I brag on how efficient Skyward is and how you always have your software in compliance with any changes as soon as any other vendors or before."


    Alice Boulware
    Business Manager
    Zavalla ISD, TX



    "Everything I do is made easier with the student modules of Skyward. Some examples are finding student logins and passwords, accessing student schedules, managing Family Access passwords, helping teachers trouble-shoot their GradeBooks, and training new users in Skyward applications."


    Holly Cross
    Curriculum and Technology Integration Facilitator
    Oak Ridge Schools, TN


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