Skyward Scheduling

To make sure that students are receiving the best education possible, it’s imperative that they are scheduled in the classes they need to keep them on track. Skyward Scheduling can achieve this with a comprehensive, intuitive interface.

  • Create schedules based on requests entered by administration, teachers, or even parents and students.

  • Robust scheduling tools, including an electronic scheduling board, allow for testing of different scheduling scenarios.

  • Transfer students between classes or even buildings.

  • Maintain communication between the office, classroom and home.


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  • Skyward Scheduling


    Feature  Benefits
    Integrates with Skyward Educator Access+ and Family/Student Access
    • Counselors, parents, and students can view schedules online, reducing the expense and inconvenience of paper reports and eliminating time delays in viewing current schedules
    • Access student information from any computer with an internet connection
     Real-time current year schedule revisions
    • Accurate and up-to-date class roster available for teachers through Educator Access+; no need to upload or download data
    • Instant updates to class rosters
    Individual walk-in scheduler
    • Automatically schedule students, saving time for guidance counselors and providing the best possible schedule for students
    Master scheduler
    • Master scheduler tools are designed to optimize next year's master schedule and resolve conflicts
    • Use either interactive or non-interactive master schedule and scheduling board
    Integrates with EA+
    • Teachers can make and print course recommendations for students
    • Counselors can access recommendations from the schedule maintenance screen, and turn them into course requests with just one click
    Students can register online
    • Improves scheduling efficiency, saving time and money
    Cross-entity course enrollment
    • Track students enrolled in courses at multiple campuses
    Master schedules for multiple entities
    • Each entity has complete control over their next year's schedule without affecting the other entities
    • Create master schedules for high school, junior high, middle school, and elementary concurrently
    • Designed to support team, block, modified block, six-day rotation, variable teacher, room, and area scheduling
    Transfer schedule
    • Transfer a student's schedule from one building to another during the school year
    • Counselors can do a one-to-one match-up with courses that allow grades to be moved automatically between schools
    Separate student entry
    • One user may enter students and their visit reason into the system while another tracks information about the visit
    • Counselors may choose students from those waiting in the queue  
    Individualized visit record screen
    • Enter specific student visit reasons
    • Enter notes about specific visits and flag notes as protected
    • Update Attendance for students missing class for a guidance visit
    • Print a hall pass from the visit entry screen
    Guidance reports
    • Run a report with guidance office visit records based on date or reason

    Everything I do is made easier with the student modules of Skyward. Some examples are finding student logins and passwords, accessing student schedules, managing Family Access passwords, helping teachers trouble-shoot their GradeBooks, and training new users in Skyward applications.

    Holly Cross (CATIF, OAK RIDGE SCHOOLS, TN - Enrollment 4,597)

    Skyward makes it easy for our counselors to find files faster. We are able to print the correct student information for labels without having to hand-write new information all year.

    Darlene Popelar (Guidance, TWO RIVERS PUBLIC SCH DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 2,000)

    I like the flexibility and ability for creative scheduling. The master building process saves our users time, it also allows us to work with multiple scheduling scenarios while maintaining current information.

    Teresa Rusk (Computer Systems Operator, LIMESTONE COMM HS DISTRICT, IL - Enrollment 1,100)


    Skyward is basically a dream come true. I've been with the district for 18 years. I work in the Special Education Department. Back then, Special Ed. was a stand-alone, and our dream for the district was to be one BIG database, and that is what it has become. To watch the changes through the years has been exciting, and still is. I'm looking forward to more changes to make it all work together. The data we can pull now versus 18 years ago is amazing!

    Jill Hughes (Special Ed, WEYAUWEGA-FREMONT SCHOOL DIST, WI - Enrollment 1,125)


    Over the past nine years Lakeland High School has used the Skyward Student Management system for all aspects of scheduling, grading, and management of student data. Not only is our staff proficient in the use of Skyward, parents and students use Skyward to access grades, track attendance, and manage lunch accounts.

    Bob Behnke (Principal, HURON VALLEY SCHOOLS, MI - Enrollment 10,437)


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    "Our department is very pleased with the service and technical support from Skyward. I highly recommend Skyward software and services to anyone looking for a new provider."

    Rick Hartter

    Director of Student Services

    East Peoria CHSD 309, IL



    "I schedule approximately 1,300 students every year and every year I learn something new. It fascinates me how well Skyward adapts to my scheduling needs."

    Amy Novak


    Harlem USD #122, IL