Skyward Report Cards & Transcripts

 You need to know which students are making the grade and which students could use some additional guidance. Skyward’s Report Card and Transcript tools can help you maintain the grade information that is so vital to your students’ educational careers.

  • Enter and verify course and grade information.

  • Maintain historical grades and course records.

  • Electronically distribute transcripts, report cards and progress reports.


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  • Skyward Report Cards & Transcripts


    Feature  Benefits
    Integrates with teacher gradebook
    • All data is in real-time, eliminating the need to import/export
    • Grades automatically post from the teacher's GradeBook, saving time and ensuring accuracy
    Onscreen report card inquiry
    • Authorized users can view student grading data anytime
    • All historical grade information is maintained and can be viewed/printed on each student
    Report production options
    • Produces grade analysis reports by teacher, course, grade, or school for each term.
    • Produces exception reports of grade information to identify students with missing grades or incompletes
    • Produces individual honor roll and ranking reports by GPA, points, or a combination. Reports account for course difficulty factors when ranking students
    • Prints report cards on letterhead paper
    • Prints gradebook assignments on the report card
    • Reports and analyzes grade data with drill-down features to see the individual data
    • Credit deficiency report allows you to quickly find those students not meeting credit requirements
    • Grade deficiency letter allows you to quickly communicate in letter to those students that are struggling/failing classes
    Custom report card builder
    • Build a custom report card or create one from a template
    • Use different layouts based on grade level
    • Print report cards at a building level or by a teacher directly from his/her Standards GradeBook
    Automatic transfer of grades to history
    • Data is real-time, eliminating the need to transfer a holding file prior to saving data within history
    • Eliminates manual transcript maintenance
    • Review grades and attendance history on one screen
    Multiple options for transcripts
    • Automatically generates full transcript and labels
    • Includes information on entry/withdrawal records, vaccination information, activities, and where transcripts have been sent
    • Prints transcripts at any time
    • Generates transcripts for a group or individual students
    Print student information on transcripts
    • Allows entry and tracking of test scores, which can print directly onto transcripts
    • Adds digitized signatures from eSign to assure transcript authenticity
    Maintain where transcripts are sent
    • Logs dates and schools that have requested a copy of the transcripts, as well as all colleges that the student requests be sent a copy
    Grade point average (GPA)
    • Multiple GPA's can be store and maintained (weighted, un-weighted, core, etc.)
    • Software automatically calculates and stores quarter, semester, trimester, year-to-date, and cumulative GPA
    Student selection options
    • Run for only a cross section of students, or select students by teacher or activity
    Multiple formatting options
    • Print duplex report cards
    • Print your school's logo or masthead
    • Print a signature line
    Teacher comments
    • Print teacher comments from a pre-defined list, or allow free-form comments 
    Selectable GPA
    • Choose whether to print the term, semester, year-to-date, or cumulative GPA
    Print standards or secondary report cards
    • The Secondary Report Card will print in the traditional class/grade view
    • Standards Report Cards will print students' subjects and skills, and your teacher's customized grade marks

    We love the auto-posting of grades because it has saved on grading errors on the report cards to parents. Accuracy has gone up immensely.



    Since switching to Skyward, my job has become much easier in terms of teacher gradebooks. I used to dread when grades were due because I would have to run from room to room. Now I rarely receive a call, email, or anything from the teachers. It has been fantastic!

    Sadie O'Brien (TECH SUPPORT, SHIOCTON SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 830)


    With Skyward, our district saves time and money by generating progress reports and report cards online. We can demonstrate report cards online for parents to view without printing them, saving money on paper and ink for printers. It took a lot of time to process and run progress reports plus report cards. It is time that we use now attending to other job duties as assigned.

    Olivia McCummings (Counselor, GLADWIN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, MI - Enrollment 2,100)


    Skyward’s GradeBook is very user friendly allowing teacher’s flexibility when it comes to posting grades. As soon as a grade is entered into GradeBook the averages displays along with other pertinent information needed for school records. Skyward’s GradeBook is so simple that by looking at the screen, teachers know what exactly they are doing.

    Geri Womack (TECH CO-ORDINATOR, WHITE SETTLEMENT ISD, TX - Enrollment 5,361)


    I really like the online tests and assignments part of the Skyward GradeBook. The computer grading and import of grades directly into the GradeBook gives me more time as an educator to plan.

    Rebecca Johannes (Special Ed, HORTONVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 3,232)

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    Grading and Transcripts
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    "I use Skyward's Student Management and it works well in keeping grading for students, printing report cards, and printing transcripts of the student's grades. Skyward is an excellent program."

    Judy McFarland

    Student Systems Coordinator
    East Peoria Community HS District 309, IL



    "I love using Skyward for running report cards, progress reports, transcripts, etc. It's user-friendly and saves time on my job."

    Olivia McCummings

    Gladwin Public Schools, MI