Skyward Food Service

Food Service staff need to make sure that everything runs smoothly. From their lunch lines, through their payment processing, to the reporting and the point of sale, if something doesn’t work right, the whole system can get backed up. Luckily, with Skyward Food Service, you can have the point-of-sale, ordering , and reporting work right for you every time.

  • Fast and functional point-of-sale interface to move lunch lines along quickly.

  • Integrated directly with other Skyward modules to reduce redundant data entry, such as family food accounts.

  • Thorough ordering process assures that you won't run short of necessary items.

  • State required reports are built directly into the system.


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  • Skyward Food Service


    Feature  Benefits
    Integration with your Skyward Database
    • Preliminary lunch orders can be entered directly from the teacher's workstation
    • Create a variety of alerts and messages for special circumstance, including food allergies
    • Cash payment at the point-of-sale is available with onsite cash reconciliation and recording of items sold
    • Prepayment options facilitate easy processing for both districts and families
    Family Access for parental notifications
    • Parents can enter applications for free and reduced lunches online.
    • Real-time access to child's food service activity, including: current balance, past payment information, current and past purchases, application status, online payment services
    Online payment services
    • Districts provide parents with easy online payment using debit or credit card processing 
    Versatile reporting solutions
    • AccuClaim Report
    • Student lunch service participation report
    • Sales summary and activity report
    • Food Service audit report

    Processing free and reduced meal applications using Skyward is so much better than when they were processed manually. The direct certification process is quick and easy to run. We feel we are doing a much better job of making sure the students eligible are receiving the benefits.


    The conversion to the Skyward Food Service Module will streamline our data entry into one software program. This will eliminate many extra steps and free up additional resources when all budgets are looking to go LEAN. It will also provide our families a single login by utilizing Family Access. I know we will not regret the implementation of this module.



    I like that once the secretaries enroll the students in Skyward food service, the system automatically updates.

    Marion Wehrman (COOK/CLERICAL, ABBOTSFORD SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 670)


    Skyward’s Food Service module is a great asset for any district. We went from three lunch periods to two lunch periods because we can move students through the lines more quickly and efficiently

    Gerry Mattix-Wand (TECH COORDINATOR, EAST ALTON WOOD RIVER CUSD 14, IL - Enrollment 700)


    Skyward is terrific! I started using the Skyward system about 21 years ago. My lunch program was not showing a profit until we implemented Skyward, and now my program is doing great ever since.

    Kathy Eckstrom (FOOD SERVICE, WEBSTER SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 742)

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      Food Service

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    "Parents like the way we can tell them when their child ate their school meal and what they ate. Plus, they like being able to put any amount of money in their child's cafeteria account, knowing we will send them a statement for the account."


    Donna Scanlon

    Food Service Director

    Lafayette SD, IN



    "Skyward's Food Service module is a great asset for any district. We went from 3 lunch periods to 2 lunch periods because we can move students through the lines more quickly and efficiently."


    Gerry Mattix-Wand

    Director of Technology

    East Alton Wood River, IL