Skyward Discipline

Your students sometimes need some guidance to help get them back on the right track. Skyward's Discipline can help you get your students back on the path to the education they need. 

  • Identify and report on discipline trends in your school.

  • Create custom disciplinary offenses and actions to fit your schools' policies.

  • Run reports to identify problem areas and find out if your efforts are having an impact.


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  • Skyward Discipline


    Feature  Benefits
    View discipline referrals electronically
    • Eliminates referral paperwork for teachers
    • Teachers can view discipline history online when they use Educator Access+
    Direct connection between teacher referrals and designated personnel
    • Quickly notify administrators to take action, if necessary
    • Eliminates keying of data by office personnel and allows administrators to act on referrals immediately
    District-specific offense and action codes
    • Design your own discipline offenses and actions to coordinate with your discipline policies
    • Limit which actions can be used for each offense
    Link student involvement with incident numbers
    • Use incident numbers to link students involved in the same incident, a time-saver for administrators dealing with discipline referrals where groups of students are involved
    • Eliminates redundant data entry for each student involved
    • Multiple students can be linked to a single incident
    Assign points in connection with offenses and actions
    • Great flexibility for schools using either positive or negative discipline point systems
    Free-form comment area
    • Administrators can add free-form information regarding offenses and action taken. Creates better documentation for events
    Detailed reports
    • Create numerous reports specific to your district using graphs and other reporting tools
    • Designate user-defined reports to run automatically on particular days, weeks, and months of the year
    • Automatically send report results to staff members via email
    • Automatically export report results to a specified network location
    Discipline notifications
    • Send notification by letter or online
    • Written forms can be produced easily and mailed to parents
    • Using Family Access, parents can view discipline offenses and actions in real-time
    Easy-to-view data for discipline officers
    • Discipline officers can view student demographics, guardian, and scheduling information directly from discipline area
    • Saves time and eliminates toggling with the software
    • Discipline officers can quickly evaluate and update all records that need further action or additional data

    Between the reporting processes and the immediately available information, discipline issues can be used to diagnose conditions within the building.

    John Strack (Principal, RACINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 21,800)


    One of my favorite parts of Skyward is the discipline reporting. I like the readiness, the availability of charts and graphs because they are a great resource for me to be able to give data to administrators. This assists them with a better feel of their campus and enables them to find target areas to focus on.

    Lori Hurst (Database Administrator, BURLESON ISD, TX - Enrollment 9,835)


    By using Skyward, office staff has reliable attendance and discipline capabilities and teachers have versatile secondary gradebooks which promote communication with staff, students and guardians via Family/Student Access as well as the message center and automated email responders.

    Leonita Loomans (Skyward District Contact, WEST BEND SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 6,880)


    I have used Skyward software since 1997 and have found that the software itself, as well as the support provided, are designed to be quick, efficient, and highly user-friendly.

    John Strack (Principal, RACINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 21,800)

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    "At any time, we can print a report of a student's discipline history. The information follows from previous schools. It has been very valuable to our administrators."


    Rachelle Smith


    Oshkosh Area SD, WI

    "The reporting breakdown in Skyward's Discipline module is very helpful. I work in an alternative education setting and this is a much needed feature."


    Kimberly Corman
    Principal's Secretary

    Lawrence Township SD, IN