Skyward Attendance

Are your students where they need to be? Skyward’s Attendance can let you know.

  • Create custom attendance types and reasons to match your schools' attendance policies.

  • Send automatic notifications to administration and parents when students are missing from class.

  • Automate attendance letters to be created whenever students surpass attendance thresholds.

  • Run reports to identify attendance trends.



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  • Skyward Attendance


    Feature  Benefits
    Electronic attendance submission
    • Accurate attendance counts are sent directly to the main office
    • Attendance may be submitted using Skyward's Educator Access+ or Pocket PaC
    • Create seating charts for accurate attendance taking
    Integrates with Skyward Family Access
    • Parents or guardians receive immediate notification of a student's absence of tardiness through Family Access
    • Parents or guardians can sign up to receive email notification if their student has been absent for the day
    • Parents or guardians can use Family Access to send absence notifications from home or work directly to school office staff, then receive an email notice when complete
    Notifies parents with email, phone call, or letter if child is absent
    • Use a built-in poor attendance letter writer to generate notification letters to be sent home with students
    • Parameters for the generation of notification letters are defined by each building
    Mass add by class, activity, field trip, or graduation year
    • Provides a convenient way to submit attendance for a large group of students
    Saves each student's attendance history
    • If there is ever a question, the transaction file records and/or displays all student record revisions, the modifier, date of revision, and original value
    Additional options for entering attendance
    • Attendance can be entered by scanning, wanding, and tri-coding
    • Provides a quick, hands-free method of processing attendance
    • Enter period or daily attendance
    Attendance graphing
    • Illustrates accurate attendance information for the entire district, one building, or an individual student
    • A great visual aid for school board meetings
    Attendance verification reporting
    • Identify patterns in student attendance that are inconsistent with normal attendance activity
    Time-in/Out entries on absence records
    • Office staff can record the time that a a student leaves school early or arrives late on the individual day and in absence records
    Attendance office visits
    • Conveniently record student office visits for attendance inquiries
    • Ability to add attendance notes

    I have used Skyward software since 1997 and have found that the software itself, as well as the support provided, are designed to be quick, efficient, and highly user-friendly.

    John Strack (Principal, RACINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 21,800)


    Attendance taking in Skyward is easier than in any other student software we have used. Since the state reporting module is contained in the same software, it is very easy to audit each six weeks of attendance and correct any discrepancies found.

    Sue Pike (Tech Coordinator, DEER PARK ISD, TX - Enrollment 12,300)


    By using Skyward, office staff has reliable attendance and discipline capabilities and teachers have versatile secondary gradebooks which promote communication with staff, students and guardians via Family/Student Access as well as the message center and automated email responders.

    Leonita Loomans (Skyward District Contact, WEST BEND SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 6,880)


    The option to schedule a report in Skyward to run and be emailed to a user is great. Our attendance clerks are using this feature to run the unrecorded class attendance a few minutes after the start of each period. This saves them time from having to run the report manually several times a day.



    The Mt. Zion School District (IL) has used both the Student and Financial Skyward software for many years. Both of these programs are very user-friendly. The administrators and secretaries like the ease of entering and maneuvering around the student database. Secretaries love the real-time attendance feature of Student Skyward because it is easy to monitor their attendance by period and it is easy to make corrections.

    Karen Edwards (DIRECTOR TECHNOLOGY, MT ZION CMTY UNIT SCH DIST 3, IL - Enrollment 2,464)

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    "I have been an attendance secretary for 26 years and I love the real-time attendance portion of Skyward. It is easy for me to monitor their attendance by period and it is simple to correct the attendance. I find Skyward to be very user-friendly."


    Debbie Dew

    Attendance Secretary/Office Manager

    Rock Falls Township SD 301, IL



    "Skyward makes it very easy to enter attendance daily by class and student. It is also easy to pull reports to call parents on children that are not in attendance."


    Shani Crow

    Attendance Clerk

    Van ISD, TX