Skyward State Reporting: Wyoming

Skyward is very proud to announce that we are now providing K-12 administrative software to Wyoming.
Our first customer, Sublette County School District #1, selected the Skyward School Business Suite to manage all district financial and human resources activites.

Sublette's district's superintendent, Jay Harnack, sought out a system that could proactively streamline district operational efficiency. Harnack noted that the district will benefit from a comprehensive and flexible system that enables the consolidation of programs into one database.

"I used Skyward previously and was always impressed with the program."

Jay Harnack
Sublette County School District #1

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Skyward State Reporting: Wyoming

I have used Skyward software since 1997 and have found that the software itself, as well as the support provided, are designed to be quick, efficient, and highly user-friendly.

John Strack (Principal, RACINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, WI - Enrollment 21,800)


Attendance taking in Skyward is easier than in any other student software we have used. Since the state reporting module is contained in the same software, it is very easy to audit each six weeks of attendance and correct any discrepancies found.

Sue Pike (Tech Coordinator, DEER PARK ISD, TX - Enrollment 12,300)


Over the past nine years Lakeland High School has used the Skyward Student Management system for all aspects of scheduling, grading, and management of student data. Not only is our staff proficient in the use of Skyward, parents and students use Skyward to access grades, track attendance, and manage lunch accounts.

Bob Behnke (Principal, HURON VALLEY SCHOOLS, MI - Enrollment 10,437)


With Skyward, our district saves time and money by providing the means to facilitate easier use of grade book, attendance, and report cards for students and family.

Sharon Peterson (Secretary, WAYZATA SCHOOL DISTRICT, MN - Enrollment 9,777)


Our district has saved a considerable amount of time and money using Skyward for student registration. In the past, we would send all of the forms we used home to each student. Creating a packet included: printing forms, stuffing large envelopes, and finally the postage which would cost anywhere from $3.50-$7.50 per student, depending on the building. Since we started using custom forms, which we saw at iCon two years ago, each building sends a 1-2 page packet in a standard envelope. Skyward has saved us time and money and the continual improvements are great. Thank you, Skyward.

Joel Margliano (District Technology Mentor, CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 230, IL - Enrollment 8,500)


10 districts use Skyward


"I used Skyward previously in Illinois and was always impressed with the program."


Jay Harnack


Sublette County School District #1, WY


 "By using Skyward, we are excited about finally being able to say, 'yes, we can do that' instead of, 'no, it will take too long and we don't have the time.'  We will finally be proactive instead of reactive, which will put us in the power position we want to be in."

Candy Garcia
Director of Information Technology
Northeast FL Educational Consortium


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